How Can a Lady Feel Turned On Around Her Husband?

How Can a Lady Feel Turned On Around Her Husband

I had a reader question come in today that I thought I would tackle. I think a lot of women wonder this same thing.

How can a lady feel aroused around her husband?

It almost doesn’t seem fair for some women that their husband can get in the mood for sex without even having to try. I know that is not across the board for all husbands, but many guys can go from zero to 60 in half a second.

Sometimes You Are More Ready For Loving Than Others

There will be times, as a woman, where you are going to feel more ready for sex than others. Hormones can have a lot to do with this. If you’ll pay attention during your cycle, you will find that there are a few days when you are easily excited. The rest of the time, you’ll have to make a conscious decision to get turned on.

How Can a Woman Get Turned On?

 how to feel turned on

Each woman is different in what will help her to feel turned on. This is a place where you and your husband get to explore your sexuality together. You have a problem that you can work on together that will end with fun results!

Both you and your husband do need to understand that there are some real differences between what turns a woman on and what turns a man on.

What I’ve found is that arousal starts in the mind for women. If their mind isn’t open to it, touching can be bothersome, and more of a turnoff.

The best way to get turned on around your husband is to give your mind the permission to feel aroused. Think about the things you are going to do with your spouse. Visualize those things in your mind.


Give Yourself Permission to Be Excited Around Your Husband

All too often, I think women will not allow themselves to become aroused around their husband. It is a very personal thing to let yourself go in the presence of another person. Even if it is your spouse, you can feel shy or weird about letting yourself get excited about sex.

Instead of encouraging the feelings of arousal, some women will discourage it. When their body starts reacting positively, they start to feel shy or ashamed and shut it down. If that is something you are doing, then you need to re-train yourself to not shut it down.

Ways to Get in The Mood Quickly

There are a few things you can do to get in the mood quickly. Some of these things may work for you and others won’t. Just try out different things until you figure out what makes you feel excited about sex.

I wrote about these tips on my other blog I Am The Sex Talk Lady. You can see what I have to say in this post:

Ways You Can Get in The Mood For Sex in a Hurry

Ways You Can Get in The Mood For Sex in a Hurry

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