Can Your Beauty Routine Have a Negative Affect on You?

can your beauty routine have a negative affect on you

I’m in the middle of a How to Feel Beautiful series here on the blog. I’m 6 articles deep with 1 more to go. Before I finish up the series, I want to break away from it for a minute and talk with you about something that has been weighing on my mind.

How to Feel Beautiful, Not How to Look Beautiful

I started the how to feel beautiful series so that I could help women to see the beauty they already posses. If you have read along and taken my challenges, you’ll notice that my challenges have nothing to do with changing your appearance.

My goal is to help women to understand that they are beautiful as they are. Until you believe that you are beautiful, you can spend all day long getting pretty, but not feeling it.

Is it Ok to Focus on Looking Beautiful?

What I really want to address today is the focus we put on looking beautiful, and when our routines become too involved, leading to insecurity. We all have things we do in a day as part of our routine so we can feel confident about ourselves.

If you watch this video, I explain to you why I don’t wear makeup all that often. Wearing makeup is not something that I must do to feel beautiful. However, taking care of my hair is a big deal.

I hope you didn’t walk away from that video with the impression that I do not wear makeup or hate those that do. In fact, I wore makeup yesterday because I was going somewhere I felt I needed to dress up for.

My point in the video is that having a beauty routine that you do every day is ok. You shouldn’t feel bad about spending time on the way you look.

Here is What Concerns Me

check out my concerned face
check out my concerned face

My biggest concern about beauty routines, is when I come across women that have routines that are way too involved. This can be their morning routine is intense and lengthy, or weekly things they chose to do.

Again, I want to clarify here that there is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself. There is nothing wrong with wearing makeup, doing your hair, painting your nails, or whatever you chose to do. The problem lies when you feel like you have to invest in every part of your body to look beautiful. 

When we put so much focus on the way we look, it will breed dissatisfaction. That is why my series focus on feeling beautiful, not looking beautiful.

It’s Ok to Work Through Your Look

As a teenager, I remember there being times when I put a lot of focus on the way I looked. I would try on everything in my closet and try to come up with the best looking outfits.

I’d spend hours figuring out how to do my makeup and hair. Some summers, I would lay out and tan so that I could get rid of my farmer’s tan. I’d workout for hours at a stretch and try to get the body I thought I was supposed to have.

Those hours that I spent focusing on the way I looked were important. I really did need to figure out how to tame my hair. I did need to know what clothes went together that were in my closet.

I still have times in my life where I have to spend a few weeks getting my look set. Even at the age of 33, my hair goes through stages that I have to figure out. As the wrinkles form, I also have to figure out how to apply makeup without making it look like crap.

When Do You Have a Problem?


Spending a lot of time on your looks is ok sometimes. The problem is when you are never satisfied with the results. If you find that you have to keep doing a long checklist of beauty routines each day to feel good about yourself, then you need to take a step back. 

If you can’t ever leave the house without having your makeup done, hair fixed, clothes perfect, and toenails painted, then you’ve probably lost your focus. The whole purpose of doing these beauty routines is not to control our lives, rather add to our confidence. 

Those that are controlled by their beauty routines are not confident in who they are. An overly made up person is usually insecure and feels they need to do all of those things to look pretty.

How Does Your Beauty Routine Affect You Negatively?

This is my personal opinion of course, but anytime you spend too much of your attention focused on yourself, you are going to be unsatisfied. If you are spending hours trying to look beautiful, it puts your attention on every little flaw on your body and face. Some time in front of the mirror is good, too much time is not good.

Not only will you see your flaws, but you will also have an easier time becoming selfish and narcissistic. Another problem that comes from an intense beauty routine is expending resources. It takes a lot of time and money to go down a full checklist of routines.

Like I said in my video, I have two or three things I do each day to feel that I look pretty. Everyday, I work on my hair and wear something that I feel confident in. I also have a few things I do on a monthly basis, such as paint my toenails and moisturize my hair (I’m very hair focused).

Instead of controlling your beauty routines, be in control. I want you to feel confident, not insecure. 

At the end of the day, you have to decide if your routine is too in depth. Are you satisfied with the way you look? Are you spending too much time on getting ready? Are you draining your budget on cosmetics, clothes, hair coloring, or whatever else?

These thoughts have been in my head all week. I hope you were able to follow me, as I feel I might have been a bit scatterbrained today while writing. 😀

What About You? What Beauty Routines Do You Find Most Important?


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