Canned Biscuit Waffle Recipe

I always love to read about simple ways to make a new recipe. Over at I saw this great idea to make cinnamon roll waffles.


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Here is how my experience went with making waffles from canned biscuits and cinnamon rolls. 


Rarely are there ever canned biscuits or cinnamon rolls of any kind in my home. However, I had a friend who moved away and she blessed me with all the perishable foods she had left in her refrigerator. Since we don’t normally have items like this, I decided it was the perfect time to try out this trick I read at

Blueberry Canned Biscuits

My friend gave me a few cans of blueberry biscuits and orange cream cinnamon rolls made by Pillsbury. I started by making the blueberry biscuits on my waffle iron. After spraying the iron with oil, I put one biscuit on each side of the best waffle maker that I’ve found.

For about 3 minutes, I let them cook and then attempted to pull the iron up. For the most part, they were all done after about 3-4 minutes. Many of them separated from each other and stuck to the top of the grill and bottom of the grill. This was not a problem since they easily came off the grill from the top and bottom.

Orange Cinnamon Rolls

After I made one can of biscuits, I attempted the cinnamon rolls. Unfortunately, as much as I loved the idea of having cinnamon roll waffles, I did not have as much luck with this method. They stuck to the grill so badly that I didn’t try a second batch. We just had plain canned biscuits and blueberry biscuits for breakfast that morning.

Overall, my kids and I really enjoyed the biscuits that we had. My husband wasn’t nearly as impressed as the rest of us. Personally, I thought they were a quick breakfast since all I had to do was place them on the waffle iron and cook for 3 minutes. It didn’t require pre-heating an oven to bake the biscuits. It also didn’t require me to mix up batter to make waffles. I count this a success since the biscuits did so well, even though the cinnamon rolls didn’t work out. If you are looking for a canned biscuit recipe or simple waffle recipe, this is sure to fit your needs.

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