Christian Friendly Sex Position Printable Cards

I’m so excited to share that the owner of Christian Friendly Sex Positions created a printable version of his site. There are 24 pages of positions you can choose from. Either print them all out or just print out a few pages. If you’d rather, you can buy their physical deck of the top 52 sex positions here. Each card has a QR code on it so you can scan it and be taken to the website where it gives full instructions of how to do the positions.

I love the printable cards because there are so many fabulous ways you can use them. Here are a few of my ideas:

  • Leave a card somewhere discreet of a position you would like to try that night.
  • Pick out a few positions and then shuffle the deck. Draw 1 position from the stack to try that night.
  • Use the cards as a “sexy coupon” gift. Give your spouse a few positions to turn in as they like.
  • Each of you picks a position to try on the same night.
  • Print out the pages of positions and staple together to make a book. Circle the ones you want to try.

If you want to check out the cards, go over to Married Dance. Grab them while they are on sale!

Get Christian Friendly Sex Position Cards Here

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2 Responses

  1. I recently bought the printable cards. I printed them on card stock with my ink jet printer. It was kind of a lot of work to cut them apart, because there are sooooo many. But we have had fun with them.

    However, I have one complaint. The QR codes did not print clearly enough to be usable. Is it possible to get the creator to adjust that somehow, and to get an updated set with QR codes that do work?

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