Coming Up With The Perfect Proposal For Your Future Wife

There are some people I know that are contemplating marriage. It is an exciting time, but also one full of stress. There’s so much planning to do, but it doesn’t get serious until the proposal has taken place.

I always think back to how Austin proposed to me in these times. He preached a sermon, and at the end of it, proposed to me in front of our church. It was such a blessing and huge undertaking.

This is the only proposal experience I really have. So I invited Katie Jones from on to share with us her idea of planning a perfect proposal.

Here’s what she has to say about it.- 

Proposing with a ring in a champagne glass while out having dinner in your better half’s favorite restaurant has been done to death, but still very popular. If you are looking for a perfect proposal idea, here’s a few ways you can come up with something creative-

Put Yourself in Your Partner’s Shoes

Understand what would really make her day. These are a few things to ask yourself-

  • What would surprise her?
  • What would make her feel like the most loved person in the whole world?
  • Should you propose in the place where you first met, or on the anniversary of your first date?
  • Would she love a loud proposal with a crowd watching, or would she prefer something more intimate?
  • Does she want something that is quiet?
  • Would she like her family there?

The perfect proposal comes when you put in the time and effort to surprise your future wife. It is all about creating a moment of magic, a moment of pure emotion when your partner realizes that you are the man of her dreams.

Here are a few ways you can propose:

Candlelit Dinner and Fine Dining

There is nothing finer than proposing in a romantic restaurant setting with a backdrop of flickering candles. A romantic dinner for two, served by impeccably dressed waiters and soft romantic music filling the air is always nice.

The spotlight will be firmly on you two, which makes the occasion even more special. You can expect some clapping and cheering when she says yes and leaps in your arms. Round it up with a romantic dance as you two get lost in the moment.

Go for the Dramatic

Depending on the type of person you are proposing to, going for a loud and dramatic proclamation of your love could be the best move.

Here’s a few ideas-

  1. Propose at half time during a football game
  2. Do it at a concert or with airplane letters in the sky

It would be even better if done at the concert of her favorite band or at a game of her favorite team.

Sometimes the best form of flattery is taking the spotlight and shining it brightly on your loved one. Would she want the whole world to take notice for the occasion to be truly special? Make the news and you’ve done it.

Plan an Unforgettable Vacation Proposal

What makes a vacation proposal incredibly romantic is that it opens up a whole range of picturesque settings that could provide the perfect backdrop for a proposal. On top of that, if you are really clever, you could pick a spot where you the two of you are the only ones there and then propose. What could be more romantic than a proposal on the white sandy beaches of Bali with no one else around for miles?   

If you’ve been on vacations together before, you should propose in a destination that holds special significance to you. There is nothing like rekindling old memories while creating new ones. Propose at the place where you had your first kiss, or the place where you had your first fight. Remember the vacation you two took years back when you wished that you could stay there forever? The significance of your proposal’s destination won’t be lost on your partner.  

A Night-in With a Romantic Home Cooked Meal

 Having a night-in with your special someone, with a home cooked meal, some great music, candles, dancing and the whole shebang. This would be even more special if you are someone who doesn’t cook. This would tell her that you really made an effort. You already know what kind of music she likes. Just pick the food and flowers that you think will compliment it. 

If two people are in love, an intimate proposal at home is bound to be magical. Such a proposal makes the occasion about your special someone, only about her. It’s incredibly romantic, intimate and personal.

Katie Jones loves to write, travel, practice yoga and read at any available moment! Adores living by the sea in Brighton UK with all of it’s creative opportunities that it brings.

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