How Non-Verbal Cues Affect Communication in Your Marriage and Dating Relationships

In your marriage, you can certainly chalk a lot of fights up to poor communication. When you clearly communicate with your husband or wife, then there will be less fighting. You will probably still disagree with each other, but the arguments will be less frequent.

The truth is, to be successful in communication, it takes more than just the right words to accurately pass along your feelings. Non-verbal cues play a big role in how your words are taken. Also, the tone that you take to speak will communicate to your spouse what you are really saying.

It is important to understand how body language, tone, and the words you say work together as a whole package.

Learning to Read Body Language


It is really important that you pay attention to your spouse’s body language. If you aren’t paying attention to this aspect, then you aren’t understanding what they have to say as clearly. If their words do not line up with their non-verbal cues, then ask them to tell you what they are really thinking.

When they know you see through their disguise, then it will be easier for them to speak freely about their feelings. The position your loved one takes when you are talking to them gives you a tell tale sign of how well you are communicating. They very well may be taking what you have to say in the wrong manner.

At this point, it is best to stop and re-group with what you are saying. Facial expressions and body positions make up a good portion of how you are being understood by others.


 Understanding Tone of Voice


The flexion in which a sentence is spoken, can change the meaning of a words that were used. How many times has your tone of voice backfired on you? I know that I’m constantly speaking in a way that communicates something I don’t intend.

Sometimes, I do intend to communicate something very clearly through my tone. When you are in conversation with your spouse, it is important that your tone isn’t giving impressions you don’t mean. On the other hand, listen to your loved ones tone of voice, and ask them if they truly do mean what they are communicating.

Increasing Communication in Marriage


In your marriage and dating relationship, increasing communication is very important. When you understand that more goes into expressing yourself besides just the words you use, then your communication will grow.

Explain to your loved one what their body language is saying to you or what their tone of voice is reflecting. They may not know how you are taking their words based off of those non-verbal cues.





When you work hard at increasing the communication experienced between you and your boyfriend or girlfriend or spouse, then all aspects of your relationship will be enhanced. Clearly understanding your partner gives you a great appreciation for who they are and causes you to love them more deeply.

Leave me a comment and share a way that you and your loved one have increased your communications.

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