20 Ideas to Sneak More Time To Connect Emotionally With Your Spouse

It doesn’t take as long as you think to connect emotionally with your spouse. You don’t necessarily have to carve out hours every day to invest in each other. Instead, look for ways where you can take a few minutes together to connect.

Ways to Sneak More Time To Connect With Your Spouse

  1. Run errands together. 
  2. Clean the same room or part of the house together. 
  3. Take a short walk. 
  4. Cook dinner with one another. 
  5. Get ready together in the morning. 
  6. Meet up for lunch. 
  7. Put the kids in front of a movie and have a meal together. 
  8. Set your alarm a few minutes early and cuddle in the bed before getting up. 
  9. Sit with each other and have a cup of coffee or drink after dinner. 
  10. Stay up late one night a week. 
  11. Go in to work an hour late and have breakfast together.
  12. Send flirty text throughout the day. 
  13. Ride together to drop off/pick up kids at activities or school. 
  14. Feed the kids early and eat dinner alone. 
  15. Get up before the kids and have a conversation in the quiet house. 
  16. Go to your room and shut the door for a few minutes for quiet. 
  17. Work on a project around the house together. 
  18. Take the kids to the park and sit on a bench to chat.
  19. Get ready for bed together. 
  20. Have a car date.

How To Use That Time to Connect

When you carve out that time to be together, what’s the best use of that time? We recommend you use it to check in with each other and see how the other person is doing. 

Maybe you need to take a break altogether and talk about something that isn’t of immediate importance. This is why we recommend that you use conversation starters. You can get the ones we created in our shop here. We actually use conversation starters when we go out on date night. 

What Not To Do During That Time

This shouldn’t be a time where you run down the to-do list for the day or week. Avoid conversations that are stressful or will lead to fighting. Instead, use the time as a way to escape with each other from what’s going on around you. 

There will be plenty of other times in the day for you to chat about the things that have to get done. But, it’s really important to focus on your friendship and not just the partnership part of your marriage. 

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