Couples Therapy Is The New Norm

We are living in a time where more and more couples are hitting a crisis. It seems that in marriage, couples therapy has become the new norm. Why is that? 

couple therapy is the new norm

Couples go through hard periods all the time, and some can require them to go to a counselor’s office. These are some of the top reasons that couples choose to go this route. 

1. Neither Individual Knows How to Communicate

One of the most important skills that we lack in the corporate world is soft skills. It is no wonder that couples are struggling in their marriages. If we are living in a culture where soft skills have not been invested in, then how can we expect people to communicate well? 

Communication is so much more than talking. It requires you to understand a person’s body language, voice flexion, and life experiences for you to really know what they are saying. In a marriage, communication is essential. Many individuals come into a marriage without the first clue of how to communicate, and then they struggle to sustain a relationship for that reason. 

2. Both Bring in Their Own Baggage

It doesn’t matter what type of home you were raised in; we all have our own level of dysfunction that we need to overcome. Whether it is your life choices or your family life growing up, you are bringing some kind of baggage into your marriage. When you get married, you both have personal issues that you have to work through. 

Counselors are trained to help people deal with their baggage and work through past hurts. Both people in a marriage have problems that they need to work through. Not everyone possesses the skills necessary to get through their past. 

3. Couples Have a Hard Time Compromising

We live in a culture that teaches we have rights to everything. When you get married, you have to put aside your rights and preferences and defer to the other person. That is not a concept that many people live by, much less understand. 

Most married couples could greatly benefit from a third party that can see the bigger picture more clearly. Counselors help couples work through their issues and come up with resolutions. 

If you have two people that are unwilling to budge, then the relationship comes to a standstill. In order to keep your relationship moving forward, both people have to be willing to compromise and come up with a solution to their issues. 

4. A General Lack of Respect Hurts a Couple

A lot of couples get to a point where they stop respecting one another. For whatever reason, they spend more time yelling and screaming than showing care and compassion. We do not have the respect for one another in society as we once had. Which can make it tough to keep the fire alive in your marriage. But you can always overcome any obstacle if you both truly respect and love each other enough to save your marriage.

There are a lot of cultural reasons that couples are struggling so much in our society. Counselors are trained to help couples work through their problems individually and together. 

It’s crucial that you go to counseling before you hit a major crisis in your marriage. Don’t wait until you need to rekindle the relationship before getting help. Keep the flame alive by loving each other enough to get help when you guys need it.

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