120+ Sexy Truth Or Dares

Sexy truth or dare is a fun bedroom game for couples to enjoy. In the game, you both take turns asking steamy questions or doing a super hot foreplay move and sexy dares. Many people love my sex dares for couples because it helps them break away from their normal sex routine.

Sexy Truth or Dare Table of Contents

I have written 120+ truth or sex dare questions that you can use on your spouse. Grab my free bedroom game printable of 36 truth-or-dare question cards when you sign-up for the newsletter. I’ll email them to you right away. You’ll get a stack of cards with sex dares for couples you’ve always wanted to try but have never done.

I love bedroom games! It builds anticipation and prolongs your sex session as well as your date night. All of the games I created come as anΒ instant download. The printable bedroom games are in digital format, so you can have access right away. Not only do I have a free version, but you can also buy the rest of my versions here.

Be sure to check out some of the other games that we have created in the shop. Here are the other truth or dare games we have available:

The Complete Pack – all 5 games we have released are in this pack.

Volume 1 – Original deck (you get this free when you sign up for the newsletter).

Volume 2 – New prompts are not shown in this article.

Volume 3 – Valentine’s Day edition. Same prompts as Volume 2 but with Valentine’s design.

Volume 4– DIY edition. Write your own prompts.

Volume 5– New prompts not in this article.

Just an FYI, I’ve added a lot of prompts to this post that hasn’t made it into the decks and vice versa. Make sure to scroll way down on this post to find all the different truth or dare questions I have put together.

What is Couples Sexy Truth or Dare?

This game is played just like normal truth or dare, only all of the suggestions are super sexy dares and things you’ve always wanted to try. It’s meant to be played by a couple in the privacy of their bedroom. Everything that is suggested on the card is designed to help build your level of anticipation, bring pleasure and ultimately lead to orgasm for both husband and wife.

Print The Dirty Truth or Dare Questions For Couples

couples truth or dare

When you print this off, be sure to select front and back printing (the truth on one side and the design on the back.) I suggest you use cardstock if you can. Be sure to cut the cards apart.

What the Truth Cards Say

truth cards for couples

Use index cards or cut pieces of scrapbook paper to write the questions or dares on.

  1. What’s your favorite sex position? (resource- Christian Friendly Sex positions you can try)
  2. What do you want me to say while we are having sex?
  3. What is your idea of sexy bedroom language? Give me an example of what you mean. (here’s a bedroom language worksheet to help out)
  4. What goes through your mind while you have sex?
  5. What did you think the first time you saw me naked?
  6. Tell me what it is like to have sex with me.
  7. If we could have sex anywhere in public and not get caught, tell me where it would be.
  8. What do I do that really turns you on?
  9. What are your favorite foreplay moves?
  10. Would you rather have morning sex or night sex?
  11. What movie couple has the love story most like ours? Explain.
  12. Ask me anything you want to know about my sexual desire.
  13. Do you think I’m a sexual responder or a sexual initiator?
  14. If you had chocolate syrup, what would you do with it right now?
  15. Do you like for me to be loud when we are having sex or keep quiet?
  16. How long would your ideal quickie last? Describe every detail to me.
  17. Describe to me in detail the oral technique you like to use on me.
  18. Do you want to try dirty talking? (resource: a full guide to Dirty Talk)

What the Couples’ Sex Dare Cards Say

sexy dare cards for couples

I spent quite a bit of time coming up with dirty truth or dare questions that will get you and your spouse going. My goal was to give you things that would really please your sexual partner and give you insight into what the opposite sex craves.

  1. Do your best twerking moves for 20 seconds.
  2. Kiss me upside down like Mary Jane kissed Spiderman.
  3. With your tongue, write a word that describes me on my back.
  4. Use your finger to write your name on your favorite part of my body.
  5. Pick up my finger or hand and show me how you like to receive oral sex.
  6. Kiss me anywhere you want.
  7. Give me a 30-second lap dance. (Both husband and wife should try this.)
  8. Use your fingers to trace over your favorite parts of my body.
  9. Hold my hand while you kiss me for 20 seconds.
  10. Lick my back and form a word you want me to guess.
  11. Suck on my belly button.
  12. Kiss your way down my back or stomach.
  13. Massage me with oil any way you choose for 30 seconds.
  14. Snuggle me how you like for 20 seconds.
  15. Stimulate two parts of my body at once. Use your hands on one part and your lips on the other.
  16. Take a sexy selfie and text it to me right now.
  17. Show me the part of your body that you think I find the sexiest.
  18. Kiss me with your eyes open for 30 seconds.

How to Play Sexy Truth or Dare

When you want to play dirty truth or dare, you can follow these instructions to enjoy your partner’s body.

Player 1 asks Player 2 to pick TRUTH or DARE.

Player 2 picks.

Player 1 pulls the top card from that pile.

Player 1 asks Player 2 the question or gives them the dare.

Player 2 answers question or perform the dare.

Once Player 2 has done what is on the card, players switch.

The game is over when you say it is. I’d encourage you to play a few rounds to build up anticipation and excitement. One of the goals of this game is to make you stop and invest time in foreplay before you are intimate.

When you play dirty truth games with your spouse, you will both feel closer to one another. It is so important to invest in one another on a physical level.

Bonus Dirty Truths

Focus on asking something steam to your spouse that involves sex between the two of you. For example, you could ask “What does it feel like to see me naked?”. “How do you like for me to stimulate your erogenous area?

  1. When was the first time you felt turned on by me?
  2. What do you want to do the next time we have sex?
  3. If you had whipped cream right now, what would you do with it?
  4. What’s your favorite thing to do when we’re about to have sex?
  5. What’s a foreplay move you’d be willing to do for 5 minutes?
  6. Have you had a sex dream about me? What was the sex act we were doing?
  7. Do you have any sexual fantasies you want me to fulfill?
  8. What’s the kinkiest thing we’ve ever done?
  9. What is an item of clothing you want to see me in?
  10. Are you interested in role-playing?
  11. Would you be willing to try a new sex toy?
  12. Would you like to try a new sex position tonight?
  13. What is the hottest sex dream you have had?
  14. If I gave you a full body massage, how would you reward me?
  15. Would you ever want to go skinny dipping with me?
  16. What sexual activities do you wish we did more often?
  17. Do you have a favorite sexual memory? Would you like to recreate it?
  18. What is your wildest sexual fantasy, even if it is something we can’t do?
  19. Have you ever wanted to try anal sex?
  20. What is the hottest thing I could do right now?
  21. What is your favorite sex toy? What do you like for me to do with it?
  22. If you were to write a romance novel about us, how would you describe our sex scene?
  23. What has been our wildest sexual experience?
  24. What is my best sexual technique?
  25. What is the most embarrassing thing that happened while we were having sex?
  26. What was our funniest sexual experience?
  27. What would be your signature move on a pole dance performance for me?
  28. What’s the sexiest part of my body?
  29. Tell me a scene from a naughty story about us.
  30. What sexual adventures do you wish we had?
  31. What is the weirdest thing that happened while we were having sex?
  32. What’s it like having sex with your best friend for the rest of your life?
  33. What would you consider to be the worst kiss we’ve had?
  34. What’s a funny truth about our sex life you are glad no one will ever find out?
  35. Would you put a sexy picture of me on your lock screen for a day? How would you keep anyone else from seeing it?

These questions are great conversation starters for a sex date. The reason for this is that these questions will keep your conversation on intimacy and pleasure. It’s really easy to get distracted on date nights about work and responsibilities. Commit yourself to having conversations that get you both excited.

With that said, make sure you avoid any questions that could cause a fight or make the other person uncomfortable. You know your spouse and the kind of things that they won’t respond well to. But, have a conversation ahead of time so that either of you can decline to answer a question that was asked.

Bonus Sexy Dares For Couples

Here is a list of bonus sexy dares to help spice up your love life. I always recommend that you take turns giving each other orgasms so that both are satisfied. Pick one dirty dare to do, and if you want to keep going, pick another one.

I put together a full list of dares husbands can do for their wives and ones wives can do for their husbands. There are two sections, so pick the one that describes you.

What Are Good Sex Dares For a Wife to Do For Her Husband?

Want to have a great sexual encounter with your wife? Try these dirty dares that will really turn him on. Even if you feel like a boring person in bed (and you’re probably not), you won’t after you try some of these ideas!

  1. Pick a button-up shirt from your husband’s closet and wear it with nothing else.
  2. Wear heels during foreplay or sex.
  3. Use a scarf or your hair to lightly rub across your husband’s naked body.
  4. Bring your husband to orgasm using a part of your body you’ve never used before, like your breasts or legs.
  5. Stimulate only the frenulum on your husband’s penis to bring him to orgasm.
  6. Use your teeth to gently nibble his nipples, earlobes, or other erogenous zones.
  7. Whisper sexy things in his ear.
  8. Pick a new way to give your husband a blowjob from Christian Friendly Sex Positions.
  9. Find something skimpy to wear in your closet and strike 3 different poses for him. If you’re daring enough, let him take pictures.
  10. Masturbate while he watches you.
  11. Use a sex toy on him while you kiss him.
  12. Put on extra clothing and remove one piece at a time while playing a song.
  13. Kiss and lick his neck softly. Gently blow on the wet spots to excite him more.
  14. Ask him to show you how he likes his penis to be touched, and watch his response when you try out his suggestions.
  15. Play a round of truth or dare before having sex.
  16. Search for a shirt from his closet to wear while you play truth or dare.
  17. Play music while you give him a striptease.
  18. Take a sensual photo of yourself in the Just Between Us App.
  19. Play Lover May I and ask him if you’re allowed to kiss his penis.
  20. Use a sultry voice to tell him something you want to try.
  21. Do your best sexy crawl across the bed while I video you.
  22. Talk sultry like you’re on a phone sex line with your husband.
  23. Tell him the dirtiest thing you want to do to him.
  24. Pretend he is a male celebrity, and you’re his fan girl.
  25. Pick from his favorite sex toys and please him with them.
  26. Get in the shower and pretend you are skinny dipping.
  27. Between the two of you, pick someone’s lap to straddle and put a vibrator between you. (Husband on top or wife on top…whichever works best.)
  28. Both of you pick a piece of clothing and spray it with your favorite scent, and then trade clothes and hold your spouse’s clothes to your face. Close your eyes and drink in their scent.

It’s ok if you don’t want to try everything on this list. Just pick a few things and see how you feel. He’ll be happy that you are doing new things with him and willing to put yourself out there. You may even find that it’s a lot of fun for you.

What Are Good Dares For Husbands to Please Their Wives?

Pick a sex act from this dirty truth or dare list to enjoy with your wife. Go outside of your comfort zone and pick the craziest thing from the list. You might find your new guilty pleasure!

  1. Give your partner a sexy striptease and lap dance. Let her pick out the outfit.
  2. Bring her to orgasm using a part of your body you’ve never used before.
  3. Choose a new way to give her oral sex from the Christian Friendly Sex positions site.
  4. Find something in the fridge to lick off of her body.
  5. Wear men’s lingerie or an alternative, and strike 3 sexy poses. Let her take pictures of you if you dare.
  6. Use the tip of your tongue to gently stimulate her erogenous zones in a teasing motion until she can’t take it anymore.
  7. Find a bead necklace that has larger beads on it and use it to stimulate her clitoris.
  8. Put her in the shower and see if you can make her orgasm from the water coming from the showerhead.
  9. Take her underwear off without using your hands.
  10. Try and give her more than one orgasm.
  11. Kiss her legs up and down until she can’t take it anymore.
  12. Pick out an outfit for her to put on.
  13. Tell her something sexual while you are using your hands to stimulate her.
  14. Put your phone on airplane mode and turn on your camera to take a video of you giving her oral sex.
  15. Play your favorite song and sing a few lines.
  16. While using your mouth to pleasure her, rub all over her body.
  17. Put your tongue in her mouth while you are squeezing her breasts.
  18. Stick your finger inside of her mouth and ask her to lick and suck the way she wants you to give her oral sex.
  19. Share a sexual fantasy you have about your time together.
  20. Pretend you are going to kiss her clitoris, but kiss the inside of her legs instead until she begs you to lick her.
  21. Use a sex toy to please your wife and kiss her while you do.
  22. Kiss your favorite body part and pay it special attention.
  23. Give your wife a sexy dance.
  24. Make a sex tape on your phone in a password-protected app like the Intimately Us App.
  25. Kiss her the way you did on your first kiss.
  26. Rub an ice cube on your partner’s body down to her vulva until she can’t take it.
  27. Pour your favorite drink into a small glass and take a body shot from her stomach.
  28. Dirty dance with each other and do a booty grinding dance.
  29. Kiss like it’s your first kiss again.
  30. Suck on your favorite body part.

Things You Should Not Ask Your Spouse On a Date Night

As a reminder, this is a Christian blog, and I advocate for married couples to focus on sex with each other and each other only. These are some popular dirty truth questions that people like to ask in risky games with co-ed groups.

I’m posting them here because I do think that these discussions are important to have as a married couple. Not that I’m advocating that you dig into every dirty little secret your husband or wife has. But, what I am saying is that these are conversations you should have at some point.

  1. Have you ever thought about same-gender sex or been tempted with thoughts of same-sex fantasies?
  2. Who was your first sexual partner?
  3. How many partners have you had?
  4. What has been your biggest sexual disappointment?
  5. Have you ever had a one-night stand?
  6. Do you watch porn or have you watched porn in the past?
  7. Have you been to a strip club? Or felt tempted to go to a strip club?
  8. Is there anything you feel guilty about that you want to share with me?
  9. Have you ever had angry sex with me? (Sex when you were angry, but I didn’t know it?)
  10. Do you have dirty secrets you need to talk about?

If you are going to have these conversations, make sure to give yourself time and be prepared to stop if it becomes too intense or painful for either person. The idea behind these conversations is to help build intimacy and feel free that you can share the things that tempt you with each other.

Use These Dirty Truth Or Dare Bedroom Games For an At-Home Date Night

If you go with an at-home date night, consider using Creative Conversation Starters. This willΒ get your mind in the right mood for the night. The milder cards can be used while you’re still at dinner, and then you can move to the dirty truths when you get somewhere private.

Men and women that are sexual responders need to be mentally ready and feel romanced ahead of time. When a woman is really ready, she has a better chance of reaching orgasm.

Common Questions About Playing Bedroom Games

I have people write in and ask me a lot of questions about trying new things and playing games. Here are some common questions I’ve gotten about bedroom games.

Why Are Games Important?

The first thing you will find when you play a game is that it gets your heart racing. What happens when your heart races? It pumps blood through your body, right? When you get your blood pumping, it makes your intimate places feel even more amazing. One of the reasons that women struggle to orgasm is that they aren’t turned on enough ahead of time. Playing a dirty version of truth or dare is a great way to help a woman be ready.

What Is it Like to Play Couples Sexy Truth or Dare?

I always suggest that people give themselves about an hour to play a sex game. This allows you the time you need to get really excited before you reach orgasm. The first time we played something like this, it really changed our sex life. I was so surprised because we were in a great place in our sex life at the time.

When you introduce Christian-friendly sex positions, try new foreplay moves, wear sexy lingerie, or anything out of the ordinary, it really gets you excited. Think about the most exciting sex you’ve ever had, amplify it, and then that’s what it’s like to play a bedroom game.

Is This Good For Foreplay?

One of the things that are great about playing truth or dare and asking sexy questions is it helps to spice up your love life. Some say it is more intimate to talk about sex than it is to have it. The dares for couples allow them to spice up their love life by putting into practice the things they are talking to each other about. They have the chance to share their favorite positions and foreplay moves without pressure.

What Are Good Dirty Truth and Dare Questions For Married Couples?

These questions are usually sexual in nature and help married couples to grow deeper in their intimacy. It’s a great way to stimulate the mind and body before having sex. However, a married couple should avoid asking questions like, “have you ever had sex with someone else or is there one person you want to be with other than me?” These are not good questions for your next date night.

What Are Good Dares For Couples?

There are plenty of dare challenges for couples that would bring closer intimacy. For example, you could dare your spouse to find something in the refrigerator that they could eat off of you. Or, you could dare your spouse to give you a lap dance.

A Few Last Tips When Trying Bedroom Games

Not every couple is in a place where they can or will be sexually adventurous with each other. We know how hard it is to negotiate intimacy in marriage. Our goal is to give you so many ideas in this post that you should be able to find something you can ask your spouse to get them excited…or a new foreplay move that both of you will enjoy.

If you’ve not tried a lot of new things in the past, just take it slow. The beauty of being in a long-term marriage is that you have the rest of your lives together to learn how to please each other. With time and intention, you can experience an amazing love life!

We’re rooting for you.

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99 Responses

  1. Interesting thoughts and suggestions. When couples do spend more time on foreplay, the lovemaking can be more satisfying for both spouses.

    One benefit of this game (you describe above) would be to encourage the spouses to be a little more adventurous in their foreplay; and that can lead to them finding out they enjoy things they may never have considered trying (such as some playful and loving oral sex).

    1. I played this game with my husband recently. It was ok, but I created another game that we have had a lot more fun with. I just haven’t loaded it on here yet. I’m going to have to do that.

      I definitely think that this game is good for couples that do not engage in conversation about sex. My husband and I talk about sex a lot, so we really didn’t learn anything new from each other from the question list we put together. I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that we wrote this question list based off of other conversations we have had with each other.

      Yes, foreplay is key for building intimacy. πŸ™‚

  2. I admire your convictions and your desire to strengthen your marriage and to encourage others to do likewise. I believe my husband would appreciate this idea.

    1. I bet he would love it. You know, I bet you would love it too. Foreplay is such an exciting thing for both people in the marriage.

  3. It’s so funny. My husband laughs at me all the time when I beg him to get a phone that I can text him on. He has no idea how fun it can be to sext and how much better it’ll be later that night if we do.
    Perhaps a game might help….but who has time for games after long days, and putting kids to bed? UGH.
    I’ll just keep telling him we need to get him a phone to text with me. The foreplay with that is A LOT OF FUN!
    But I will be bookmarking this page, for when the kids start doing sleepovers at friends’ houses and we have more time to play at home without them around!!!!

    1. I know exactly how you feel when it comes to being tired at the end of the day. My husband and I really enjoy bedroom games for special times, like birthdays, anniversaries, and when we want to change things up.

      A game like this might add on an extra 15-20 minutes to a night you have sex. Sure, you can’t do it all the time, but maybe here and there. πŸ™‚

  4. I was just talking about this with a friend of mine over lunch. You know, how going back to the basics – foreplay – could really kick start a relationship that may have fallen into a rut. This is a great way to do it without any awkwardness. Who doesn’t love a game!?

    1. You are completely right Cristina. Many people forget about foreplay when having been married for some time. Sometimes you just need to be reminded that kissing, rubbing, touching, and other sensual things area great way to spice things up.

  5. This looks fun. I love how people are still willing to share things like this. I have been married to my husband for going on 3 years and together for going on 5 years. I love this πŸ™‚

    1. Congrats on your years of marriage! These types of games are great to help you focus on each other. My husband and I have enjoyed putting them together.

  6. This would be great for those at-home date nights when we finally get the house to ourselves. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I completely agree. πŸ™‚ I actually find these types of games perfect for celebrating special days.

  7. Taking care of your marriage is the best thing you can do for your kids. It’s important for them to see their parents’ relationship is strong, and this is certainly an aspect of that.

    1. I completely agree. πŸ™‚ Parents do need to focus on one another and sex is a vital part of any solid marriage.

  8. Fun idea for a date night at home. Probably should get a babysitter to take the kids for the night though. πŸ™‚

  9. I have to say that I love this idea so much! My husband and I used to play a game called “Bliss” which worked well to spice things up. However that was 8 years ago! This will be so useful to spice things up again!! Thank you so much for having the “cohones” to post topics like this!!

    1. That is awesome. πŸ™‚ I’m so glad you guys had a game you used to love to play. Hope one of the bedroom games I have on my site will help you out. πŸ™‚ We always enjoy playing bedroom games when we have time.

  10. I was admittedly a little nervous when I got to this link on the commentathon haha! But reading your post, you actually made it seem like a fun date night idea!

    1. Yeah, I honestly wasn’t thinking that one through when I submitted this post. πŸ™‚ So happy you see it as a great date night idea.

  11. Some of these made me chuckle out loud. My husband and I might need to try this. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing.

  12. This sure is interesting! I bet husbands would love it! I do think marriage is very important. It’s hard to make time when you have kids. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes, sex is super important for a couple. I hope that some women will love this game too. It’s a lot of fun and builds intimacy between the couple.

  13. These are definitely great games to spice things up in the bedroom! I’m going to have to show this post to my husband, I think he would love it!

  14. A post full of things have no current use for at this time in my life. It is very creative idea, an adult game of truth or dare.

    1. Yes, I understand that this post is not for everyone. Sorry about that. Maybe you can find a great recipe in my kitchen section that you would like. πŸ™‚

  15. Good suggestions. Sometimes couples who’ve been married and who have kids have to remember how to be couples again!

  16. A great way to spice up your sex life. Sometimes we just get in a habit ya know? Great that you are bold enough to talk about this.

    1. Yes, it is important to spend time in foreplay with your spouse. Definitely a worthy topic. πŸ™‚

  17. Ooooh, looks like great ideas. Not sure we’d play these but I’m sure they’re fun! πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing.

  18. I love this idea! I think my husband and I need something like this to get the spice back. It would be fun. Thanks for the game!

    1. You are so welcome. Be sure to check out the other 2 free games that are listed in the post. πŸ™‚

  19. Oh my gosh, this sounds like fun! I think no matter where you are–newlyweds or grandparents–this is a fun way to get to know your spouse and what you want from each other. Talking about sex is a good way to ensure both of you are feeling the heat and getting the most out of your moments together.

    1. I completely agree. Husbands and wives should be talking about that intimate part of their marriage.

    1. Oh, sorry about that. I thought I had put out a disclaimer on this one about some of the things being blush worthy. Thanks for reading through. πŸ™‚

  20. Hmm, this could be fun…have you ever checked out The Dating Divas? They have a bunch of games like this that you can print for free. Some of them are a bit more tame and some more spicy, but either way, they have some good inspiration.

    1. Ahh… yes! I love the dating divas. πŸ™‚ They are my heroes. Really, I do love their ideas for full date nights with all the printables and everything.

  21. I LOVE it!! This is right up my alley! I am always on the lookout for new and creative ways to make our bedroom adventures more interesting.
    Thank you for sharing this idea.

  22. This is a very interesting concept and it is certainly one that would help keep the flame going within a relationship. Sometimes it’s fun to step outside the box of the norm and rediscover one another. Thank you for sharing this.

    1. I completely agree. All these cards are made to bring you into close relationship with each other. πŸ™‚

  23. I’m all about trying nee things to keep the passion alive and well in my marriage. Thank you for sharing πŸ™‚

  24. These are awesome, I really do enjoy spending time at home with my BF, it’s definitely a bonding experience. It’s also great to see that there are so many ways to spice things up! Great tips, and thanks for sharing these!

  25. Well, now that I’m done blushing, thanks for the tips. I think most relationships could use a little perk up every now and then.

  26. Try this
    Start by massaging the length of her legs, from her upper thighs down to her ankles.
    Then focus on the feet, kneading her heels and all other points beneath. Then zero in on the toes and stretch them individually.

    1. Hey there Calvin, it looks like you have subscribed to my newsletter. Let me know if you received the printable through email.


  27. Keelie, have you ever seen Jay Dee’s online truth or dare game over at uncoveringintimacy.com? It’s automated, just click through, and you can customize it for how tame or wild you want yet still within bounds. Very fun and challenging too. Similar to yours, but less work in printing and having things. It took my wife and I well over an hour because we chose the most questions, but it was by far the most memorable night of lovemaking in our 14 years.

    1. Thanks FoeHammer!

      Yeah, Keelie suggested I make the truth or dare game, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. It doesn’t get near as much traffic (may hit 20,000 total views sometime this year), but people seem to like it.

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