Couples Truth Or Dare Bedroom Game

Couples Sexy Truth or Dare is a fun bedroom game for married couples to enjoy. In sexy truth or dare, you both take turns asking steamy questions or doing a super hot foreplay move and sexy dares. Many people love dares for couples because it helps them break away from their normal sex routine.

sexy truth or dare for couples

I love bedroom games! It builds anticipation and prolongs your sex session. All of the games I have created come as an instant printable bedroom game or in digital format. But my most popular creation by far is Couples Truth or Dare.

What is Couples Sexy Truth or Dare for the Bedroom?

This game is played just like normal truth or dare, only all of the suggestions are super sexy. It’s meant to be played by a married couple in the privacy of their bedroom. Everything that is suggested on the card is designed to help build your level of anticipation, bring pleasure and ultimately lead to orgasm by both husband and wife.

Print The Truth or Dare Questions For Couples

couples truth or dare

It’s been so popular that I created a free printable so you can have all of the questions and dares to work with.  Just sign up for the newsletter and I’ll email them directly to you. All you have to do is print them out and play!

When you print this off, be sure to select front and back printing. This will print the truth or dare on one side of the card and the options on the other side. I suggest you use cardstock if you can. Be sure to cut the cards apart.

This game is a perfect compliment to having an at-home date night. I know it can be hard to get out with your spouse on a regular basis. I find spending time with your loved one in the comfort of your own home is a bonding experience.

Use Sexy Bedroom Games For an At Home Date Night

If you go with an at-home date night, consider using Creative Conversation Starters. This will get your mind in the right mood for the night.

Men and women that are sexual responders need to be mentally ready and feel romanced ahead of time. When a woman is really ready, she has a better chance of reaching orgasm.

If you are not able to print out the cards, here is a list of all the information you need to make your own. I wanted to make this game as available to couples as possible.

What the Truth Cards Say

I put together a list of questions that will get you thinking and talking about sex. It is important that you talk about this intimate act you have with your spouse.

This is a game that is intended to get you in the mood. If you come across a question that might cause you to fight, skip it. Or, pull it out and try it later when both of you are more in the mood for something new.

Use index cards or cut pieces of scrapbook paper to write the questions or dares on.

  • What’s your favorite sex position? (resource- Christian Friendly Sex positions you can try)
  • What do you want me to say while we are having sex?
  • What is your idea of sexy bedroom language? Give me an example of what you mean. (here’s a bedroom language worksheet to help out)
  • What goes through your mind while we having sex?
  • What did you think the first time you saw me naked?
  • Tell me what it is like to have sex with me.
  • If we could have sex anywhere in public and not get caught, tell me where it would be.
  • What do I do that really turns you on?
  • What are your favorite foreplay moves?
  • Would you rather have morning sex or night sex?
  • What movie couple has the love story most like ours? Explain.
  • Ask me anything you want to know about my sexual desire.
  • Do you think I’m a sexual responder or a sexual initiator?
  • If you had chocolate syrup, what would you do with it right now?
  • Do you like for me to be loud when we are having sex or keep quiet?
  • How long would your ideal quickie last? Describe every detail to me.
  • Describe to me in detail the oral technique you like to use on me.
  • Do you want to try dirty talking? (resource: a full guide to Dirty Talk)

Please feel free to add to this list or subtract things you aren’t comfortable with. I encourage you to talk about things that make you uncomfortable.

What the Couples Dare Cards Say

I spent quite a bit of time coming up with couples truth or dare dirty edition that will get you and your spouse going.

  • Do your best twerking moves for 20 seconds.
  • Kiss me upside down like Mary Jane kissed Spiderman.
  • With your tongue, write a word that describes me on my back.
  • Use your finger to write your name on your favorite part of my body.
  • Pick up my finger or hand and show me how you like to receive oral sex.
  • Kiss me anywhere you want.
  • Give me a 30-second lap dance. (Both husband and wife should try this.)
  • Use your fingers to trace over your favorite parts of my body.
  • Hold my hand while you kiss me for 20 seconds.
  • Lick my back and form a word you want me to guess.
  • Suck on my belly button.
  • Kiss your way down my back or stomach.
  • Massage me with oil any way you choose for 30 seconds.
  • Snuggle me how you like for 20 seconds.
  • Stimulate two parts of my body at once. Use your hands on one part and lips on the other.
  • Take a sexy selfie and text it to me right now.
  • Show me the part of your body that you think I find the sexiest.
  • Kiss me with your eyes open for 30 seconds.

How to Play Truth or Dare

Player 1 asks Player 2 to pick TRUTH or DARE.

Player 2 picks.

Player 1 pulls the top card from that pile.

Player 1 asks Player 2 the question or gives them the dare.

Player 2 answers question or perform the dare.

Once Player 2 has done what is on the card, players switch.

The game is over when you say it is. I’d encourage you to play a few rounds to build up anticipation and excitement. One of the goals of this game is to make you stop and invest time in foreplay before you are intimate.

I hope you enjoy this game with your spouse and you both feel closer to one another. It is so important to invest in one another on a physical level.

What it’s Like to Play Couples Sexy Truth or Dare

I always suggest that people give themselves about an hour to play a sex game. This allows you the time you need to get really excited before you reach orgasm. The first time we played something like this, it really changed our sex life. I was so surprised because we were in a great place in our sex life at the time.

When you introduce Christian friendly sex positions, try new foreplay moves, wear sexy lingerie, or anything out of the ordinary, it really gets you excited. Think about the most exciting sex you’ve ever had, amplify it, and then that’s what it’s like to play sexy truth or dare.

Why it Helps to Get Your Heart Racing Before Sex

What happens when your heart races? It pumps blood through your body right? When you get your blood pumping, it makes your intimate places feel even more amazing. One of the reasons that women struggle to orgasm is that they aren’t turned on enough ahead of time. Sexy truth or dare for couples is a great way to help a woman be ready.

Sexy Truth or Dare For Couples is Great For Foreplay

One of the things that is great about sexy questions to ask your wife or husband is that it gets your mind ready for intimacy. Some say it is more intimate to talk about sex than it is to have it. The dares for couples allows them to start putting into practice the things they are talking to each other about.

As you can see, I’ve written out very detailed prompts. I did this to help you enjoy your intimate times more. I’m not very good at thinking about sexy things to do on the fly. It really helped me to relax to know exactly which foreplay move to do next.

Hopefully, this game and some of my others will really help you and your spouse out in the bedroom. Be sure to check out some of the other games that we have created in the shop.

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