Couples Truth or Dare Printable Cards

Several years ago, I released a couples truth or dare game that is still very popular. That version is free when you sign up for my newsletter.

couples truth or dare

Because the sexy truth or dare was so popular, I created a second set of cards. This set of cards are available in the Love Hope Adventure Shop.

However, I am releasing all of the ideas on the cards. You can purchase the set of truth or dare questions for married couples here.

couples truth or dare

Also, we released a digital version of the sexy truth or dare so you can play it on your phone. You can get a copy of our ebook here, on Amazon. The book version has a question followed by a dare.

Truth or Dare Questions

All of the questions that I wrote were meant to help you have sexy conversations to get you excited. Here are the couples truth or dare questions.

  1. If we were to dress up in the bedroom, what character would you want to be?
  2. What is a sex position that you wish we would do more often?
  3. Do you ever try to catch a glimpse of me naked when I’m not looking?
  4. How do you feel about sexting? Is it something you would want to do?
  5. Do you like tongue when we kiss? Or closed mouth?
  6. Do you like to play music while we make love? What kind?
  7. If we could have sex outside without anyone seeing, where would it be?
  8. What is your favorite foreplay move?
  9. Describe to me in detail one of our sexual encounters.
  10. If you had a bottle of chocolate syrup right now, what would you do with it?
  11. Tell me what I wear that you find most sexy on me.
  12. Give me 2 reasons that you really like me.
  13. What is the funniest thing you think we’ve done during sex?
  14. If I could kiss you anywhere right this second, where would you want it to be?
  15. Is there a specific type of clothing you wish I would wear in the bedroom more often?
  16. Heels on or off during our intimate times?
  17. If you could take me anywhere right now to have sex, where would it be?
  18. Do you like looking in my eyes when I’m giving you oral?
  19. Tell me about my most attractive feature.

Dares For Couples

These dare ideas for couples are meant to be steamy. Many people have played my dare games for couples and told me how much they love it.

Here are the sexy dares on the cards:

  1. Lick any part of my body that you want to. Stop after 30 seconds.
  2. Kiss me for 20 seconds.
  3. Take video of you giving me oral for 30 seconds. Let’s watch it together before we go on.
  4. Pick a place on my body and kiss it for a minute.
  5. Sing me a few words from your favorite love song.
  6. Do anything you want with me for 1 minute and then stop.
  7. Bend over and touch your toes while standing in front of me.
  8. Twerk up against me for as long as you can stand it.
  9. Put on your favorite song and let’s dance together.
  10. Stand in front of the mirror with me while we both do not have clothes on.
  11. Take a picture of us kissing.
  12. Focus on my bottom for 30 seconds. Do what you like.
  13. Tell me how to pose and snap a picture of me.
  14. Have sex with me for 1 minute and then stop and resume foreplay.
  15. Run your hands all over my body one time.
  16. Use a piece of cloth or feather and lightly rub it over me.
  17. Sit in my lap anyway you like for a minute.
  18. Pleasure me for one minute in a way you know I like.
  19. Have sex with me in one position for 2 minutes and then switch positions.

How to Get The Truth or Dare Questions for Couples

If you would like to get the printable version of the truth or dare ques, you can purchase them in my shop. You’ll get an instant download of the printable. The sexy truth or dare cards are meant to be printed front and back.

How to Play Couples Truth or Dare

Here are the instructions of how to play couples truth or dare:

  1. Divide the cards into a TRUTH pile and a DARE pile
  2. Wife asks her husband to pick a sexy TRUTH or DARE card.
  3. Husband tells the wife if he wants a TRUTH card or DARE card.
  4. The wife pulls from the appropriate deck.
  5. Wife reads the card.
  6. Husband answers the question or does the sexy dare.
  7. Once the husband is done with his dare or has given his answer, the wife makes a selection.
  8. Couple plays as long as they like.

Alternative Way to Play Sexy Truth or Dare

Instead of playing by the traditional couples truth or dare rules, you can switch things up with the cards. You can take the deck of truths and spend time during a private dinner asking one another the questions. This will help you get in the mood. Consider limiting the questions to just a few.

Take the dares and choose a few you want to do that night. Either mix them up or place them in the order you want to draw them from the deck. Take turns performing the dares on one another.

If you want the free version of the game, make sure you sign up for the newsletter below.


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