Create a Memorable Slideshow For Your Spouse

I’m a big advocate of DIY gifts for your spouse. In the past, I’ve taken pictures of our kids and of us to create great gifts for Austin. Today, I invited Nely Broad on to share some ideas about how to put together a picture slideshow for your spouse.

I'm a big advocate of DIY gifts for your spouse. In the past, I've taken pictures of our kids and of us to create great gifts for Austin.

Here’s what she has to say-

If it is your spouse’s birthday or another special day, how about gifting him a slideshow of the highlights of your marriage? They’re going to love looking at the slideshow you create and it will help you both feel more connected.

Tips for creating the best slideshow for your spouse

1. Find The Highlights

When you’re putting together the slideshow you will be tempted to put grab every single picture you come across. In our day and age, that’s a lot of pictures! That’s why you need to streamline the photos you choose. Think about the highlights of your relationship and then look for those first.

2. Combine Pictures

As you will feel like including all the pictures of the couples, it is always wise to pare down things and combine several photos which make a good video. Remember the recipient should feel interested to watch the video.

For example, if you had gone on honeymoon to Hawaii, how about including few pictures of your trip so that you can reminisce those memories? Also, don’t forget to add pictures of family and friends who have been a vital part of your lives.

3. Personalize the Slideshow

Something that will add up to the emotion of the video is the captions that you add to the images. How about including few title cards which just contain text? These are places where you can express whatever you want to say with words. In case you’re not much good with writing, you can copy down quotes which speak of your feelings.

I personally like to use PicMonkey for editing images. You can even download the app on your phone if you want to add simple text. But for more advanced edits and combining images, you’ll need to use your computer. Check it out below.

PicMonkey: crazy-awesome photo editing

Other Photo Gifts You Might Consider

Apart from making slideshow videos for your spouse, here are few other ideas that you might consider.

1. Travel mugs

Are they a coffee lover? If so, a personalized travel mug is a great gift. Print out your favorite photos and use them to decorate a travel mug that is designed to hold photographs. Be sure you hand wash the mug rather than putting it in the dishwasher.

2. Photo Plate

A decorative plate would be a great idea if they need pictures for their office or an area of the home they spend a lot of time in. Decorative plates can sit on a table, desk or shelf. Also, you can hang them on the wall to add variety to traditional photo frames.  

3. Photo Notepad

Do they love to plan things and jot them down so that they don’t miss them? If you answered yes, you can give them a notepad that has a special memory or collage on the outside cover. This is a perfect thing for the office or for jotting down notes from the Sunday morning sermon.

These products are a great way to take your precious memories and turn them into tangibles. They’ll love sporting these things to work or in their daily life. We all love to be reminded of the things that make us happy during the day.

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