Creating the Kitchen Of Your Dreams

I spend so much time in my kitchen. What about you? When I decide which house to live in, the functionality of the kitchen is a big factor.

Today, I invited Priscilla May on to share with use about creating your dream kitchen.

have-the-kitchen-of-your-dreamsWhat would you kitchen look like if money and space were no object? If you could have every gadget you wanted? If you could decorate exactly how you see it in your mind? Would your dream kitchen look anything like the suggestion below?

Style of Cabinets

One of the most important features of a kitchen is the cabinet that you choose. You can go for a super sleek modern look with gloss cabinets. This is definitely something for a dream kitchen as you can have a dream cleaner to help you keep the finger print marks off the as well!

Or you can go for a rustic French style kitchen with wooden doors, a hanging saucepan rack and dried plaits of garlic and herbs. This is such a romantic style of kitchen, perfect for cooking for you guests while they enjoy a glass of wine and put the world to rights.

Stove That Meets Your Needs

Stove Top

Do you ever get frustrated with the stove¬†that you have at the moment? Do you dream of a top if the line model that not only cooks evenly and to perfect but is also self cleaning? Now there’s an idea a cooker then cleans itself! You can actually get these like this model here.

Or would you prefer a much more traditional range? Ranges are perfect for a more rustic kitchen. They come in all sorts of colors to match in with your kitchen’s theme.

You can also choose to have yours powered by electricity or by wood if you really want to go the more traditional route. You can even get them plumbed in so that the excess heat they create goes towards keeping your home warm and toasty in the winter. They certainly conjure up images of Sunday roasts and drinking hot cocoa while warming your feet!

Double Door Refrigerator

There are plenty of fantastic fridges to dream about for your perfect kitchen. Perhaps you fancy a super futuristic model like the gel fridges that are being developed? With these there are no shelves and your food is suspended in a food safe gel. This keeps it at a cool temperature and also stops any other contaminants like dust getting to it.

Kitchen Appliances


Of course no dream kitchen would be complete without some of the latest gadgets to make your life even easier. Most people would include a top of the range espresso maker for post-dinner coffees. There are plenty out there to choose from and if you get a bit overwhelmed seek some help from sites like Espresso Gusto.

When you are looking for your perfect kitchen, these are some of the things you can choose to make the dream room. 

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