Crisis is Coming: The Sources

Conflict is Coming The Sources

It’s been said that in life you’re either in a crisis, coming out of one, or heading into one.

Now there’s a happy start to your day! Now, I’m not suggesting you live in constant fear of crisis in your marriage. Quite the opposite! However, it is helpful and healthy to be aware that crisis can and will happen. With this in mind, it can be beneficial to identify where crises in our marriages can come from so we have a better chance of seeing them coming.

External Crisis

There are devastating situations in life that can hit our families and marriages that have nothing to do with our actions or choices.  Sudden job loss can cause all kinds of insecurity and financial problems. Illness or other catastrophic health problems can blindside us. This can put financial emotional strain on a family.  A death in the family not only brings with is grief but can sometimes can re-open wounds in extended family relationships.

These crises can strike without warning, and there’s not much we can do to prevent them 100%. We can try to lessen the chances of them happening, or prepare for them to mitigate the harm they cause. Make good health decisions, get life insurance, save up for emergencies.

We can also prepare our relationships for these unforeseen tragedies. Make it a point to establish a team approach to the family dynamic. When crisis hits, make sure your family is used to defaulting to supporting each other and facing problems as a united group instead of blaming and fighting each other.

Internal Crisis

Internal conflict

Other problems can arise in marriage which are a result of our actions or choices. Bitterness grows until it erupts. Expectations go unmet and unspoken for too long. Conflicts go unresolved and the same fights keep getting rehashed.

When we aren’t intentional about our marriage relationship, problems can mushroom. If we aren’t self-aware of our weaknesses as a couple, we’re going to be shocked when that weakness finally starts taking its toll. There are ways to guard against these internal crises before they hit. It may even be possible to avoid some of them altogether, or at least keep them from being devastating to the relationship. We’ll look at some of these potential helps in a later article. Be sure to keep an eye out!

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