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4th of July Date Night Idea

If you didn’t know, The Dating Divas are a huge inspiration for what I do here at Love Hope Adventure. They have put together a 4th of July date night idea that is sure to bring the fireworks to your bedroom.

In order to get the printables for this, you will need to purchase the Ultimate Intimacy Pack which has 12 done for you date nights, one for each month of the year. 

Click the link below to go the check out page.

Ultimate Intimacy Mega-Pack

intimacy games

Here’s a quick overview of what the date night holds.

What You Need For the at Home Date Night

Adult twister game

The Divas make this part really easy for you. I bought the pack and was immediately emailed the link to download my pack. It is important to note that the link they send you for this product is only available to download for 5 days, so when you get the email, just go ahead and download it.

I found the month of July date night and read the instructions. Then I printed out the few things needed for the night. Here’s what you’ll need to print:

  • Date invitation
  • Flirty cards
  • Sexy conversation starters
  • Bedroom game spinner
  • Printable to create your own twister mat if you don’t own one

These are the things you will need to print out from the month of July. They give you full instructions of what to do with each of the printables.

They suggest that you take a white bed sheet and create your own twister mat. They give you printables that will help you trace out the circles on your own. I have the twister game, so I didn’t think it was worth my time to create one out of a bed sheet.

Set the Stage For the Night

One thing that I always suggest with at home date nights is to do things that are out of the ordinary. That is actually why I absolutely love The Dating Divas. They’ve put all the creative energy into the date, so all you have to do is a little bit of cutting and gluing if need be.

For this night, they suggest that you put together a Mexican meal for two. After the kids go to bed, set up your spicy meal and dine together. They have sexy conversation starters that you can ask one another to get you excited.

After the meal, you will head to the bedroom and play a few rounds of naked sexy twister. They have the rules in the instructions of how to take this traditional game and make it Hot, Hot, Hot!

Other Date Night Ideas

If you want to see a preview of everything in the Ultimate Intimacy pack, check out this video that they put together.

The thing I love about this pack is that they have links to all of the free date nights on their website. Ever since they updated their site a few months ago, it has been a bit overwhelming to me. I’ve had a much more difficult time finding the romantic date nights.

In the glossary of the pack, you will have links to the different romantic dates that are free on the site. This really is the Ultimate Intimacy pack for sure.

If you are interested in buying it, feel free to go to my affiliate link below where it will take you to the check-out page.

Ultimate Intimacy Mega-Pack

intimacy games

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