We believe that dating is key to a happy marriage. It’s really important that you get away from daily life and spend time with each other. 

Are you tired of doing the normal dinner out? Here are a few fun ideas that you can do that go beyond dinner. 

5 Fun Date Night Ideas With Your Spouse

1. Do a Project Together

Creating something together builds unity in a relationship. Pick a project that you and your partner can do together. The project can range from home improvements, crafts, gardening, or re-arranging a room. 

Gather all the supplies you need for the project and put together a game plan. Try to choose a project that will not cause you a lot of frustration. Remember, this is a date, not a chore.

Do A Project Together

2. Pick Out an Outfit For Each Other

Have you ever envisioned your partner in a style of clothing you didn’t think they would go for? Now is your chance to see if they would look as good as you have imagined. 

Go to a mall or clothing store together. Each person’s job is to find an outfit for the other. If you don’t feel like purchasing the clothes, just snap a picture to remember the day by. 

3. Have Your Pictures Taken

This is the era of magazine-styled pictures. Photographers are more than willing to meet you at the location of your choice. The entire process makes for a fun time together. 

If you do not want to get a professional photographer, then take pictures of each other. Of course, you can add in a few selfies while you are at it. 

You might be able to find a photo experience or photo booth near you. Austin and I did this for our anniversary and it was so much fun. The place we went had several different photo areas set up so you could take pictures of each other.


Have Pictures Made Together

4. Go to a Playground

Who says that playgrounds are just for your kids? It can be a lot of fun to swing together or get on a merry-go-round (not that I’ve seen one at a playground in a long time). We have been known to sit on swings together, though. 

Try to find a park with walking trails or an open field to play frisbee. Take a picnic meal with you or stop by and grab some fast food. Getting out in nature is a great way to reconnect without distractions. 

Go To A Playground Together

5. Layout to Stargaze 

Stargazing is a pretty cliche thing to do, but it’s still effective for kindling some romance. Take the quiet time to talk and connect with the one you love. 

This idea will depend largely on the weather. You might not want to layout when it is extremely cold out. Choose a time of year that works best for your preferences. 

Whatever you decide to do for your next date, just be sure to focus on each other. You don’t have to plan anything big, expensive, or exciting. Just commit to being together. Dating is a way to break up the norms of your relationship routines.

Check out his blog for more fun date night ideas.

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