Different Positions Roundup

Trying different positions in the bedroom is really important. When you get out of your normal routine, it makes you have to pay more attention to your spouse. Not only that, it will cause you to communicate.

If you are anything like me, you look at some of these positions and wonder who in the world bends that way. I will readily admit that a lot of what you come across is not at all practical.

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to new positions, some will be awesome, and others will not. You have no idea what you will like until you attempt it.

Trying new things out will automatically get you more active during intimate times together.

When you are trying to come up with ways to “spice” things up, moving more is the simplest thing you can do. It gets your blood flowing and your mind racing.

New Things You Can Try

I know that searching out sex positions can bring up a fair amount of inappropriate pictures. That is why I am only linking to trusted bloggers and articles that will keep you from being exposed to nudity. You can also go to the Christian Friendly Sex Positions website and get a pack of their top 52 sex positions here.

Here are the Top 10 Sex Positions Roundup:

1. Packing the Suitcase

top sex positions

This position requires the wife to raise her legs above her head. If she is not quite flexible enough for that, then she should bring her legs to the side and not straight up. Instead of the husband having his arms around her legs, she should open her legs more and let them fall to the side.

Want to get printable sex position cards? Click the link below and you can grab them from Married Dance.

2. Flatiron

hottest sex positions

Flatiron is a rear-entry position that requires both husband and wife to lay on the bed. You can do this position without using a sex pillow. However, using a pillow like that will make this position easier. Otherwise, the wife is going to need to bring her butt up towards her husband’s stomach.

3. Indian Headstand

hottest sex positions

I’ll be honest, I have no idea who has the strength to do this one. But you might be able to make something like this happen if the wife laid over a chair to help brace herself. Basically, both husband and wife are going to need some strength and agility.

 4. Jack Hammer

hottest sex positions

The husband needs to brace his hands against a wall so that he can hold himself up. The wife will pleasure him with her mouth.

5. Throat Swab

hottest sex positions

For the Throat Swab, a wife will need to lay down and hang her head off the edge of a bed. The husband will need to spread his legs and stand over her. He should gently place his member in her mouth and slowly thrust, being careful to not go too deep.

6. Reverse Grinding the Corn

hottest sex positions

A lot of women like Reverse Grinding the Corn (reverse coital alignment technique or CAT). It is a wife-on-top sex position. It can allow for deep penetration for the husband. But, for the wife, there is great clitoral stimulation. She can also determine how deep she wants to go. 

7. Doggy Style

hottest sex positions

Doggy Style is also known as “From Behind”. This position can give a woman great g-spot stimulation, but her husband needs to be aware of how deep she can handle it. Make sure there is plenty of communication between husband and wife for both to enjoy this position. 

The wife can consider using a bullet vibrator to stimulate her clitoris while her husband makes love to her.

8. Grinding the Corn

hottest sex positions

Grinding the Corn (coital alignment technique, or CAT) is a husband-on-top sex position with great clitoral stimulation. The wife should raise her hips and squeeze her butt during this position to make it more stimulating. She can also put a pillow under her bottom to get the right angle. 

9. Best View

hottest sex positions

Best View is a sex position where the wife lays on her back and the husband gets on his knees. He will need to bend his member down to insert it in his wife. The wife will need to rock her bottom down towards the bed and help to guide her husband in. 

This is a great position for the husband to use a bullet vibrator on his wife.

10. Banana Split

hottest sex positions

Banana Split is a deep penetration sex position that’s enjoyed using the edge of a table or countertop. If there is a large height difference between the husband and wife, then the shorter one should stand on a stool. This will help to get the angles right for penetration. 

Check out these great websites

Christian Friendly Positions

They have more than 200 different poses you can read through. All of the positions are categorized so that you can quickly sort through them.

I want to link to a few positions specifically because there is a lot of content to wade through.

Be sure to check out other positions over there. They have a lot of great ideas.

Marriage Bed Tips

This website is another great place to check out different things to try. I will highlight a few you can check out, but be sure to see all of the ideas they have.

Married Christian Sex

El Fury and Sexy Corte have a lot of great ideas on their site. If you are interested in role-play, they give you some scenarios that will help you out.

I liked their article about Position Guides and Guidelines. They give you some helpful tips when trying out new positions.

I like what J over at Hot Holy Humorous has to say about trying out more than one position during your time together.

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  1. What ever position you choose, try it in front of a mirror or camera. It’s about enjoying one another’s bodies and one another’s pleasure. Why miss any of that and what better way? Just a thought.

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