How Diverisfying Our Income Has Positively Affected Our Marriage

Creative conversation starters for couples helps you go deeper in your communication with your spouse.

For a number of years, we were a single income family. We relied solely on Austin’s salary for all of our expenses. About 3 years ago, we diversified our income and it has made a huge difference in our marriage.

There are several things that immediately changed for us.

A Career Change Was Possible

Austin was in desperate need of a career change, but he was stuck. Since his salary was our only source of income, he felt he didn’t have a choice but to stay in his field. When I found a legit work from home job, it allowed us to work towards an out.

Having more than one paycheck coming in can take a lot of pressure off of the main earner. Even if they do not need to make a job change, what if they get sick and are out of work for a while? God forbid, what if they die?

Now, neither of us have to get stuck in a job we are working. Since we live off of side jobs, if something isn’t working out for us, it isn’t devastating.


Ability to Earn More


For many years, I did everything I could to make Austin’s salary stretch to cover the bills. I couponed like a mad woman for several years and made all sorts of things from scratch. There’s nothing wrong with being ultra frugal, but we weren’t making enough to cover the growing needs of our family.

Since we diversified our earnings, we have the ability to make more money. As soon as I started bringing in writing clients through Fiverr, we immediately felt ease in our budget. This was so important to me, because our kids were getting old enough to need money for outings. Prior to this point, paying for them to go places or do things was very difficult.

Brought Satisfaction

I had always wanted to stay home with my kids and homeschool them for a while. Even though I had plenty to do day in and day out, earning money has brought me tremendous satisfaction. The immediate payout of making a paycheck is very motivating.


As a mom, I could go days and days and not feel like I had truly accomplished anything. It didn’t seem like enough that the kids were fed and clothed, especially if the house looked like it had thrown up on itself. However, completing a task and receiving money for it gave me motivation.

Gave Us Something Else to Talk About

Austin and I put a lot of our creative energy into his job for many years. Since his line of work was so draining, it was easy to spend the majority of our time talking about it. Honestly, it wasn’t healthy for us to talk so much about his job. When things were really hard, it just brought us down even more. We had a hard time focusing our attention on anything else.

Diversifying our income has given us plenty to chat about, especially now that we work together at home. This has been so beneficial to us, because it keeps us from getting stuck in a rut. There’s only so much you can say about any one topic before you start beating your head in the ground.

Allows Us to Dream Together


Since both Austin and I are self-employed, we have the ability to dream together in ways we have never been able to before. We spend many of our work hours investing in our own projects.

The business belongs to us, and we get to decide together where it goes. If we want to scale up, we can do that. If we want to stay right where we are, we get to make the choice, too. We get to dream and then turn those dreams into a reality.

Finally figuring out how to diversify our earnings has made a tremendous impact on our marriage. Both of us are working together as a team in ways we never imagined.


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