8 DIY Couples Costume Ideas

With October being right around the corner, I thought giving some great Halloween costume ideas for couples in 2014. Austin and I dress up every chance we get. In fact, we spear headed a Christmas costume party for our youth group a few years in a row so that we had more opportunities to get into costume.

Growing up, we made our costumes out of clothing we already owned. I remember there was a clown suit that was passed around more than one time between my brothers and myself. I think the most exciting part of Halloween is creating your own outfit. Sometimes, I buy what is necessary to complete an idea, most of the time we use what we have.

While I wasn’t able to rustle up every single couples costumes we have ever dressed up in, I managed to get some of the best ones.

1. Robin Hood and Maid Marian  

gueneviere and robin


This was a fun idea to put together and turned out to be a beautiful renaissance dress. We had been watching a Robin Hood series and I fell in love with the character of Maid Marian. I made this dress from a house dress pattern and embellished it to look like an outfit from that time period. I also made the hat, shirt, and green covering for the Robin Hood look.

2. Punk Costume Idea


just a couple of punks


Complete confession time here….I LOVE the punk look. It took some doing, but Austin and I figured out the perfect punk styles for our personalities. We made these punk looks ourselves with the clothes we already own. One of the beauties of the punk culture is the individual creativity that goes into the clothing they wear.

3. Reindeer and Elf 

reindeer and elf


This was one of our Christmas costume ideas one year. Austin dressed as Santa’s elf and dressed up like a reindeer. One of my favorite parts of this costume is that Austin was able to combine a few let over pieces from other costumes to create this look. I used a makeup tutorial on youtube to figure out how to paint my face. I love youtube videos and all the amazing people who create them.

4. Bug Catcher and Ladybug Costume

lady bug and bug catcher


I enjoyed putting together this ladybug costume. It was really simple, because I used clothing I already owned; a trip to the dollar tree for the wings and I was done. Austin used a light colored polo shirt and made a big bug net. Again, I watched a youtube video to figure out how to make my face look like a ladybug.

5. Winter Storm and Black Friday 

winter storm and black friday


This was actually a Christmas costume idea for our youth party. Believe it or not, this couples idea was not a joint effort. Both Austin and I made our own decision regarding what we would wear. Normally, we would talk to each other ahead of time, but we never talked about this.

I had decided to dress as a winter snow storm, so I put on all white clothing and sprayed my hair with white spray color left over from Halloween. Austin pulled out all black clothing and put a name tag on that said, “My name is Friday”. It was really fun the way it came together unintentionally, but it really does describe us. We are like day and night in almost every way.

6. Black Bird, Pumpkin, and Scarecrow Costume

scare crow, crow, pumpkin


Sometimes, just sometimes, we try to incorporate our kids into our ideas. This is one of those years where we were able to do just that with our youngest son. I just so happened to have a pumpkin outfit that was given to us by someone that would actually fit him.

When I was trying to figure out what to dress my older boys in, I ran across a cute DIY scarecrow costume idea. Immediately, I knew what needed to be done. I worked with Austin to create a scarecrow look for him and I made a black crow for myself out of some items I already owned.

7. Bert and Mary Poppins Costume

bert and mary poppins


This is likely Austins and my favorite DIY couples costume. We decided to dress up like Bert and Mary Poppins. I borrowed a few things for him to put his outfit together, and I used items I already owned for my Mary Poppins costume. The only thing I had to buy was the hat, which I spray painted and decorated myself. There is one thing for sure, people just love Mary Poppins.

8. Starbucks Drink and Barista

starbucks coffee and barista from starbucks


This idea was so funny. I ran across it and Austin fell in love with the look. It was a lot of fun to put together and people just loved it. I have a full post on how we made it that you can check out.

How to dress like a Starbucks Barista and a Cup of Coffee. This is one of those ideas that you can use what you have to create your own unique look.

Austin and I enjoy dressing up together for Halloween and any other opportunity we get. These pictures of us reminds me of the kind of couple we are.

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4 Responses

  1. hi Keelie I saw your article and im trying to figure out a creative couples costume. not for Halloween but for lets make a deal. just like you we met in high school and he was my first boyfriend. we separated for 23 years and may will be 1 year of being together. so I want to incorporate love or sweethearts in the costume. i have time to really think about it. but this article helped. ty

    1. That is great Gina. 🙂 This year, Austin is dressing as the mad hatter from Alice in Wonderland, and I am going as the queen of hearts. So queen of hearts would definitely have hearts. Hahaha… We played around with the idea of him being a farmer, and me being a strawberry or some other kind of vegetable. Then we played around with him being a gardener and me a bag of leaves. I did like the year I dressed as a lady bug and he dressed as a lady bug catcher. That was super fun. Of course, I can’t forget the year he was a Starbucks drink and I was a barista. That was hilarious! 😀 I hope you find something creative to do! We love dressing up.

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