DIY Mary Poppins Costume for Halloween

I love dressing up for Halloween…or anything for that matter. My husband, Austin and I try to come up with creative couples costumes every year for Halloween. Last year was one of my favorite costumes to date. We decided to dress like Mary Poppins and Bert.

To see some of the other couples costumes we have dressed up as, you can go HERE.

One thing last year taught me, is that EVERYONE loves Mary Poppins. People were so in love with our costumes. It was humbling to hear the compliments.

How to Dress Like Mary Poppins


Mary poppins


I always like to use clothes that I already have on hand to make a costume. However, I was missing one key element, the hat. Normally I do not purchase anything for dressing up. This year was an exception.

How to Make Your Own Halloween Costume


When I’m putting together a costume, I do a google image search and see what other people have come up with. Then I try to use what I have to create the right look.

The hat was a major part of the outfit. I went to the thrift store and found a straw hat. Since it wasn’t already black, I spray painted it with black paint. Then I hot glued a flower on the brim.

I owned a long black skirt and a short black jacket. I paired it with a white shirt, black leggings, and black velour boots. The red bow you see around my neck was just a piece of material I tied.

Finishing Touches Before the Fall Festival


My finishing touches on the costume was soot. We decided to go with the chimney sweep theme. Fortunately for me, I have a fireplace.

I took my skirt, jacket and shirt and put them in the the soot bucket. Once I was done applying my makeup, I took some of the soot and put it on my face and neck.

Seeing Each Other in Our Costumes

Typically, Austin and I end up going to these types of festivals separately. He doesn’t get a chance to see me until I arrive. He had gotten ready without me as well, so I didn’t have the chance to see him.

We are very different people in general. That is no different when it comes to creating anything. He had black smudges on his face, which he was able to make using a technique I had not heard of.

Another Way to Make Soot For Bert and Mary Poppins


He put water in a ceramic bowl and used a lighter to heat up the bottom of the bowl. It created a black residue on the outside of the bowl. He then used his finger to wipe it off the bottom of the bowl and smear on his face.

When he saw my black smudges and dirt on my clothing, he asked how I did it. I told him I put my clothes in the soot bucket. He laughed at me for doing that, and told me he would have never thought to do that. In turn, I told him I wouldn’t have thought to light up a bowl of water either.

How To Dress Like Bert

bert and mary poppins

For the Bert costume, I borrowed a few pieces of clothing from friends. The hat and vest were key to his outfit. We have a friend in the church that regularly wears suit vests, so we borrowed a black one. Another friend likes the Ascot styled hats, so we borrowed one from him.

Austin wore a dark colored dress shirt and a pair of black dress pants with black shoes. He made a chimney sweep out of a piece of cardboard and a PVC pipe. He cut the cardboard in a large circle and put a hole in the center to stick on the piece of PVC pipe. Then he cut the circle to look like thick bristles.

We had a fun time putting this couples costume together. One of my favorite parts of Halloween is creating the costumes we come up with.




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