Making the Perfect Gift: DIY Roses That Last A Year

Looking for a sweet DIY project? Check out this guest post on how to make roses last all year.

Roses that last a year are an excellent idea for gift-giving, and it will never be outdated. Roses are a representation of love and timeless beauty. It comes in various colors and every color connotes an occasion. Therefore, roses are great to be given for just about any reason. Roses may be given during anniversaries, engagement, birthdays, or any event. Each different color of a rose symbolizes a message. 

Necessity is, indeed, the mother of creativity. Everyone loves roses, but unfortunately, it would cease to be beautiful and wither away. But what if they could be kept fresh? It was this spark of creativity that led some floral experts the path to a ground-breaking discovery. The idea was born, the ultimate flower gift that will never die. With flowers, you can express just about anything, and that is the ultimate reason why sending roses that last a year is the best way to tell a message without words—a lovely practice with a contemporary twist.

Make Your Own: Roses That Last A Year

Roses are stunningly gorgeous that you would just want for it to last longer. Fortunately, the roses could be preserved with a bit of time and experience. While air drying is a quick, tried, and tested technique, many experts claim that the best way to desiccate roses and other flowers that have thick petals is to dry roses in silica gel. Silica gel has a chemical substance that can strip moisture from the blooms while keeping its shapes and colors unchanged. 

Silica Gel

Below are the steps on how to use silica gel to make roses that last a year.

  1. Collect roses that are more or less the same in size. If you handpick flowers from your backyard, make sure you will harvest them on a dry day at mid-morning. Use healthy and disease-free roses only that are almost at their peak.
  1. You have to cut down the stem into two to three inches after removing the stem’s leaves.
  1. Spread in the bottom of an airtight plastic container an inch of silica gel.
  1. Arrange the fresh roses and put them above the silica gel.
  1. Apply the silica gel. Make sure to cover the roses – around and on top of the flower. To settle the gel around the roses, you have to apply the gel a little by little, shaking the bottle after each addition before putting more. 
  1. Check what you have made after three to five days. In extracting enough silica gel to allow you to reach the flower, you have to remove the lid using a soft paintbrush. Gently touch a rose petal and make sure that it already feels dry and papery. Replace the gel again if the rose is not completely dry and check back the next day again.
  1. If the blooms are fully dry, detach the roses from the silica gel and use a soft paintbrush to softly brush the silica gel’s residual out of the blooms. Do not over-dry the flowers, as the petals can quickly become fragile and would break easily.
  1. Make a stem with the use of a florist’s wire. For about 2 inches of wire extending from the side of the base of the stem, you have to push the edge of the wire horizontally through the base of the rose. Tilt down the short end of the wire and tie it around the longer wire and then to the rose’s stem. Cut the wire’s long back to the appropriate length, then wrap the wire with florist’s tape. 


On the other hand, below are the steps when you would want to make roses that last a year through air-drying:

  1. Collect a small bunch of around three to five roses without their foliage. Tie the bottom of the stems with a rubber band together.
  1. In a dark, dry, well-ventilated room, hang the flowers upside down from a hook, then leave it there for about two or three weeks. 
  1. Take away the dry roses from the hook. To preserve their petals, you have to spray the roses gently with aerosol hair spray.

Roses That Last A Year: Colors and Meanings

It is a beautiful idea to buy flowers for a special someone in your life, but it is hard to pick from various colors and designs from which to choose. Each rose color has a different significance, and before giving them to others, you must recognize their meaning. There are more than a hundred kinds of roses of every color and form that can be found. Below are some of the most popular colors of roses and their meaning:

  1. White Roses

This color most often represents innocence, purity, and youthfulness. They are also most commonly used in bridal bouquets because they mean eternal loyalty and young love. This color can also symbolize everlasting love. 

  1. Red Roses

The color red symbolizes true love, passion, romance, seduction. This is a classic rose color, and it is very common to be given by a lover. A deep red color also means that a person is already ready for commitment and has a deep love. A red rose is the best way to go if you want to tell a person that you love them.

  1. Pink Roses 

This color represents elegance, feminity, and sweetness. A deep pink color can express appreciation and is a great way for somebody to say thank you. On the other hand, a light pink color symbolizes joy, happiness, gentleness, and grace. 

  1. Blue Roses

Blue-colored roses are perfect for giving to a very independent woman and who exercises their individuality without a care of what others think. This color represents unattainability, mystery, and uniqueness. When you give a person a blue rose, it implies that she is extraordinarily amazing and unique. 

  1. Black Roses

Black roses convey a lot of various meanings. Black is usually associated with death and is generally seen in funerals. However, black roses have a positive sense, too. It stands for a new beginning of things and can indicate a major change. It inspires confidence by representing a new era that will bring courage and hope. 

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