DIY Skirt From an Old Pair of Jeans

Turn a Pair of Pants Into a Skirt


You can easily turn a pair of pants into a skirt with a few simple steps. Follow my step by step guide and you will quickly be able to transform a pair of jeans into a skirt. This tutorial does require the use of a sewing machine.

Step 1: Cut Pants Seems Open


Take your pair of jeans and cut the inner pants leg seem open. Cut all the way through to the crotch area as well. When you are done cutting, the pants will be completely split open.

Step 2: Cut Pants Legs to Desired Skirt Length



You can either measure from your waste to the length that you would like the skirt to fall, or you can use another skirt that is the length you are looking for as a guide. Make sure that if you plan on hemming the skirt, that you leave yourself an extra 1 inch in length so that it can be turned up for the hem. Cut the jeans legs all the way across at the length that you mark. Likely, you will not be able to make a skirt that is much past your knees.

Step 3: Pin the Pants Legs



 Open the pants leg up completely and match the seem on the pants leg with the crotch seem on the pants. Pin the section where the seem of the pants has been opened up. Stitch this down with a straight stitch. You might consider doing the straight stitch twice for reinforcements. Do this same process for the back panel of the skirt using the other pants leg.

Step 4: Cut and Hem the Skirt


Now it is time to cut off the excess length of the pants legs on the front and back of the skirt. There will also be excess material on the side of the skirt on the other side of the seem. Trim up the inside as much as you desire, but leave at least 1/2 inch next to the seem to keep it from unraveling. At this point, you can either hem the skirt or you can leave it to fray.

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