Reader Question: Do Married Couples Fantasize About Their Spouse?

Do Married Couples Fantasize About Their Spouse

I had a reader question come in that I wanted to talk about today. What is most interesting to me about reader questions is that most people want to know if they are the only one that does something. What a relief when you find out that there are other people that understand you and are in the same boat.

Here’s their question-

Do married couples fantasize about their spouse?

I think that there are plenty of couples out there that fantasize about one another. In fact, I highly encourage couples to do that.

It is very important to have sexual desire for your spouse and cultivate love for them. Don’t you remember there was a time when you would sit and daydream about your spouse back when you were dating?

Now, you can fantasize about them without feeling ashamed about it.

In Song of Solomon, many of the chapters have the two lovers taking turns speaking sharing exactly what they like about the other in great detail. It is completely beautiful and true picture of our love for one another.

If you haven’t given yourself permission to have sexual fantasies about your spouse, I encourage you to do that.

I go into more detail about why you should fantasize about your spouse in this post. 

Give Yourself Permission to Fantasize About Your Spouse


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