Does a Good Relationship Equal Good Dental Health?

If you didn’t know, my best friend is a dentist…prosthodontist, really. He handles cosmetic dentistry and completely revolutionizes people’s lives. He gives people the ability to eat and to feel confident when smiling. I’ve simply been amazed at how he helps people every day.

What I find really interesting is what Rhonda Trainer has to say about the correlation of dental health and healthy relationships. She says that research shows those that are in better relationships tend to have better oral health. It makes a lot of sense to me. I have done a lot of things on account of my health, because Austin encouraged me and helped me.

Here’s what she has to say about the correlation-

When you’re talking about intimacy and happiness in your relationship, you probably aren’t thinking about the impact that you and your partner’s teeth are having – or vice-versa. Right? You might be surprised to find out that people in strong relationships can have better teeth.

Research conducted by the University of Queensland in Australia found that those questioning their relationship were more likely to have poor oral hygiene.

There’s many reasons for poor oral hygiene. From relationship based stress to self esteem issues, there are reasons to look after your teeth.

Poor Self Perceptions

The research outlines how those scared of emotional intimacy, or in poor quality relationships, will be less likely to look after their teeth. This is probably true of other health issues as well. Because they don’t put attention on their oral health, they feel more self conscious about them. Having regular clinical and cosmetic dental appointments is important to overall health.

Those in an unstable relationships are likely to miss or rearrange appointments indefinitely. When you are in a committed relationship, you tend to stay on top of things like this. While emotional self reliance is important, it’s ok to seek help from others. Research shows that having confidence in your relationship will impact positively elsewhere.

Future Health

Most good relationships encompass a dedication between two people and transcend purely physical signs. Some aspects of your outward appearance can’t be controlled, and that’s fine. Even when it comes to dentistry, some will have genetically poor teeth. This isn’t a problem, just so long as proper dental hygiene is followed.

Couples that are in good relationships tend to be willing to put more money in their looks. Those with bad genetics are more likely going to have the cosmetic dentistry done that is needed. Being attractive for your spouse is really important to people that are close.

Physical Attraction

Physical attraction isn’t everything in a relationship. The strongest couples have unconditional love and the willpower to help. Whether that’s getting fit and active together, or improving a diet touched by the stress of work.

Psychologists have outlined that while it is secondary, physical attraction is important to a marriage. Many couples find counseling beneficial when large scale changes take place. Teeth are a large part of this, and an important element for singles, continuing into marriage.

I’d like to point out that not only is your dental health affected by your relationship, but so is your overall health. When you are in a solid relationship with a good attitude, it can have positive impacts on your health.

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