Done For You Valentine’s Day Gift

As you know, I love Valentine’s Day! And it’s a good thing, because you guys love sexy games to celebrate the holiday. I’m so excited to announce that Austin and I put together a done for you product that has Valentine’s Day dares in it. You can sit back and take the pressure off the day and just enjoy it.

Valentines day dares

Every printable in this pack, Austin created for Valentine’s Day for me in years past. These romantic Valentine’s Day gifts were a huge blessing to me, so we thought we’d pass them on to you.

Valentine’s Day Jumpstart Pack

In the jumpstart pack, we’ve included 3 different printables for you. Here’s a look at the different things you’ll receive:

Valentine’s Day Card

One thing that I really love to receive from Austin for any holiday is a card. He has made some really sweet cards for me in the past. He actually wrote the poem on this card and designed it front to back. It really is beautiful.

Week of Love Gift Tags

I was totally surprised one year from Austin with a Week of Love. He created these super sweet tags and put them with small gifts. Each day leading up to Valentine’s, I was able to open one.

You can get the printable for those gifts in this pack. Here’s where you can check out what we suggest you give for the gifts.

Sexy Truth or Dare Valentine’s Edition

Valentine's Day Printables

Truth or Dare is the most popular game on my website. It has the perfect Valentine’s Day dares for you and your spouse. Not only is it the most popular game, it is the sole reason 80% of our followers found us. People just LOVE this game! And why shouldn’t they? It helps you have sexy fun in the bedroom.

If you are ready to grab your Valentine’s Jumpstart Pack then use the Buy Now Button Below.


This pack will help you be ready for the upcoming holiday. I like to make Valentine’s fun and easy. We focus on celebrating our love for each other, not grand ideas of romance. All of the printables in this pack, we have used to celebrate our Valentine’s Days in the past.
I hope you enjoy these printables!

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