Don’t Be Jealous of What Others Have

We so easily get jealous of what others have. The flaw is that we only want what we see.

We Want What We See, Not What it Takes to Get It

We want that-

fabulous vacation, but not the stress of the trip.

 marriage, but not the fights that go along with it.

 gorgeous house, but not the mortgage payment.

huge salary, but not the number of hours it takes to get it.

hot body, but not the strict diet and rigid workout routine.

successful business, but not the strain it puts on the family.

You Aren’t Jealous of Their Problems


Like my mom says- all of life is a trade off. If you trade your life for someone else’s- you might get rid of your problems, but you’ll inherit theirs.

No matter who you are- you’ve experienced pain, struggles, and losses in life. Instead of wishing for those experiences to go away- let’s use them to deepen relationships with others.

Let’s Be Real

Share your struggles and hurt- you may be shocked at those that open up and share what’s going on in their lives. Imperfect lives, imperfect bodies, imperfect relationships, imperfect finances…is what makes us human…it’s what connects us no matter what walk of life we come from.

Let’s own our situation- pain, struggles, joy, and all. Let’s share our stories. Let’s be real. Let’s form deep relationships where no one has a reason to be jealous because we realize we’re all messed up. Then- we can embrace our mess together instead of going it alone.

Peace of mind makes the body healthy, but jealousy is like a cancer. -proverbs 14:30

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