Don’t Forget to Sign Up For the Free Mom’s Conference

This week, the mom’s conference I told you about will be taking place. From October 13-15, there will be different interviews released from these awesome speakers. There are 20 different amazing presenters lined up to share their inspirations with you.

If you are ready to sign up for that conference, be sure to do so through my affiliate link below.

Free Mom’s Conference

free online moms conference

One of my favorite bloggers will be featured at this event. Her name is Crystal Paine and she is the owner of Money Saving Mom. I will be writing about her a bit more over the coming weeks. She is the reason I became a freelance writer, and had the ability to start this blog.

Right now, I’m on the launch team for her newest book that has yet to release. You can certainly pre-order this book through my affiliate link. It doesn’t come out for a few more weeks. I’m so excited about this book and can’t wait to share it with you.

The Influence and Impact Summit

Crystal is one of the featured presenters in the Mom Conference. Also, she is speaking at The Influence and Impact Summit which is another conference taking place until October 13. You can sign up for that conference and have access to all of the interviews that have been released.

I was incredibly encouraged by what she had to say at this summit. I’m positive she will be just as encouraging to us moms at the conference that starts on Tuesday.

I hope that you will take the time to sign up for one or both of these conferences. As a self-employed individual, the Influence and Impact Summit is giving me amazing helps. I’m really excited about the mom conference, too.

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