How to Encourage Your Spouse to Pursue Their Goals

We all have goals in our lives that we want to reach. It takes a combination of self-determination and support from others around us to get where we want. You can help your spouse by encouraging them to reach for their goals. 

encourage your spouse

Here are a few ways you can do that:

1. Tell Them What They Are Doing Right

When you have given your all to something, it feels really good to feel appreciated. For many of us, we aren’t acknowledged for our efforts very often. 

Spend time telling your partner the things they are doing right to reach their goals. Even if you don’t think they are making all the right choices, you can focus on the things they are doing to get to their goal. 

You can either tell them in conversation what you see or come up with a more creative way of delivering your message. Either way, it is important for them to know someone sees what they are doing, and appreciates them. And there are many ways to show appreciation, support, and love to your spouse. Here is an example of some, but there are certainly many more.

2. Offer to Help Them Where You Can

Depending on the goal, you can help be a part of them reaching it. For example, if your significant other is trying to lose weight, you can find other things to treat them with than candy or food. If they are trying to save money, you can develop free date ideas or ways to cut back on spending. 

It is much easier for any of us to reach our goals when we have someone going at it with us. Working toward something together will build unity in your relationship. Try to find a way to help them out without taking over for them. 

3. Take Something Off Their Plate

If they have a lot on them, it might be necessary to relieve them of some of their responsibilities. There comes a point in accomplishing some goals that they may get very stressed about everything going on. The last few miles to the finish line can get pretty rough. 

Come up with a way to take something off of them in the short term so they can focus their attention on achieving their goals. 

It is an important part of relationship-building that you help the one you love to the finish line. If your spouse has a dream, find a way to help them reach it. Your gestures will mean a lot to them and go on to solidify your relationship. 

I encourage you to help your spouse be the best person they can be. It’s so rewarding to see them be successful. 

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