Erogenous Zones to Stimulate On Your Husband

Foreplay is not just for wives, husbands have a lot of places on their bodies that they love to be touched. It’s a beautiful thing to become in tune with your spouse and how their body responds to your touch. Spending time on foreplay and focusing on these erogenous zones can make your time of sex feel more intimate. 

Here are a few erogenous zones on your husband and tips on how to pleasure him there. 


A husband’s nipples are very sensitive and can be used to help him get sexually aroused. Start with soft brushes of your hand or fingertip and then work your way up. You can suck or lick them as he gets more excited. 

Some husbands like to have their nipples pinched with your teeth or fingertips or gently scraped by your fingernails. Ask your husband if he wants you to be easy or go harder. 


Stimulate your husband’s earlobes with your mouth. Start by gently licking or sucking the earlobes. You can also wet them down and slowly blow on them to increase stimulation. 


Kiss your husband’s neck or gently suck it with your mouth. Move around and don’t stay in one place too long unless you really do want to give him a hickey. You can move back and forth from his neck to his earlobes and stimulate each for a few seconds. 

Inner Thigh

The inner thigh is full of nerve endings and you can use this area to build anticipation in your husband. Run your fingertips, mouth, hand, breasts, or other parts of your body up and down his inner thigh. Be slow and purposeful with your motions. 

You can build the anticipation more by getting closer and closer to his penis with each stroke. Also, you can move away from the inner thigh area to some of the other erogenous zones and pay attention to them. 


Don’t forget about stimulating his penis leading up to sex. You can do this with your hand, mouth, breasts, or some other part of your body. Also, vibrators can be used to stimulate the frenulum of the penis. Whatever type of stimulation you give him, start slow and build up. 


You can use your hand, mouth, tongue, or soft cloth to stimulate the testicles. When you are stimulating this area, go slow and apply a small amount of pressure. Ask your husband to guide you on how hard to go or which motions he likes best. 

Here’s a few things you can try: 

  • Cup his testicles when you are giving him oral sex and gently caress them. 
  • Lightly suck or lick his testicles to stimulate him. 
  • Drag a soft cloth across his testicles, but be careful not to tickle him too much. 


There are many nerve endings inside of the anus. You can do as little as place a finger on the anus without going inside. Or you can insert a finger or anal vibrator for greater stimulation. 

If you do plan to put your finger or fingers inside of your husband, I recommend that you wear a glove and use anal lubrication. It can make it a lot more comfortable for him and it will keep you from scratching him with your fingernails. Besides, it is much more sanitary this way. 

When you use an anal toy, you can cover it with a condom and use anal lube before inserting it. Whatever you do, go slow and let him guide you on what to do. 

These are just a few of the erogenous zones on a man and how you can stimulate them during foreplay. 

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