Essential Oils That Boost Libido

Essential Oils to Boost Libido

If you didn’t know, I have am a freelance writer for many great clients. I write for a Holistic Practitioner that is currently based in Australia. By writing for her, I’ve learned so much about holistic health and how to use natural methods to handle health concerns.

While I wouldn’t consider myself a crunchy momma, I try to reach for natural methods as often as I can.

The lovely lady I write for shared a lot of great information with me about herbs and essential oils. I had no idea that there were essential oils that could be used to boost libido.

Essential Oils That Boost Libido

There are several essential oils that you can use to help increase your libido. These oils include:

Simply diffusing these aromas can help you. Women tend to respond better to aromatherapy than men do. If you are trying to boost libido for a man using aromatherapy, it is always best to stick with more musty scents, like the ginger.

Applying Essential Oils To The Skin

It is important that you never place undiluted oils on your body. All oils should be mixed 50/50 with a carrier oil such as as olive, sunflower, or sweet almond to name a few. Another way that you can dilute the oils is to put a few drops in your bathwater.

Ginger oil works best when it comes to bringing blood flow to your body. You can place a little on the back of your ears, feet and hands.

You can rub the oils on erogenous zones, but if you may feel irritation doing this.

Warnings About Essential Oils

Please note that when it comes to the use of essential oils on your body and digesting them, there are pre-cautions. Erin at The Humbled Homemaker talks about how she was rubbing undiluted oils on her leg and developed a chemical burn. Her practitioner warned her to never use the oils undiluted.

While oils are natural, they can still have adverse reactions if not used properly.


Boost Libido With Essential Oils


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