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Fathers Day Gift

Confession time here- I’ve just about given up on giving Austin anything for special occasions. By anything, I mean physical presents. Every single time I have made a purchase lately, it either hasn’t been the right thing, or he’s gotten an alert on his phone to let him know the thing has been shipped.

Over the last few years, I’ve really focused on experience-based gifts. Sometimes I will take him to a movie, but more often than not, I’m going to do something extra special in the bedroom. He enjoys the extra attention, and I can feel happy about giving him something he appreciated.

Massage Makes For the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

I recently purchased a bundle of ebooks (The Ultimate Homemaking bundle that I told you about). In that bundle was a foot massage video from Melt Massage. I was so excited about this, because I knew that Father’s Day was right around the corner and I needed something to give Austin.

Massage Doesn’t Have to Wear You Out

Have you ever tried to give your spouse a massage and your hands wore out after 2 seconds? Yeah…me, too. Massage is my least favorite type of foreplay because it takes a lot out of my hands and body.

What I really like about the Melt Massage course is that Denis teaches you how to massage without wearing out your thumbs so quickly. With his techniques, you will have a lot more stamina.

Not only that, Denis debunked the myth your bed is the best place for a this type of activity. Did you know that? I certainly didn’t. I have been attempting to do this for Austin all wrong over the years. Apparently, massaging on the bed will cause you to strain yourself more.

I know that I have needed a massage just about every time I’ve been done giving one. Not that there is anything wrong with getting a return massage, but it would be better if I didn’t use up all I have just in the massage stage.

Click here to learn more about Melt Massage.

I Love These Massage Videos

I’ll be honest, I’ve know about Melt Massage for a while, because Jay Dee over at Sex Within Marriage wrote about them in the past. However, I wasn’t really sure if I thought that it was worth it. There are a few reasons for this.

First, I have never had a massage that I have enjoyed very much. Granted, I’ve never been to a professional. Also, I don’t usually ask for one if I’m not super sore, which means I’m not interested in sexy times.

The other concern I had about these vids, is that I felt they would be too complicated for me. Often times, what I find is that professional starts throwing out all of these big words that I’m too dumb to understand. It’s like they are talking to someone that is in their industry. I felt that Denis did a great job explaining absolutely everything in the vids that he was doing.

What I Love About These Videos

Ok, let me just say- Denis rocks with the way he talks about it and having your spouse fall in love with your hands. I want Austin to fall in love with my hands! For real!

Each of the videos are only a few minutes long, so if you don’t have time to watch a ton, you can break it up in short segments. Since each video gives you the next step you need to take in your night of love, you and your husband could easily watch and then you can practice on him.

If I were you, I wouldn’t stress about trying to watch all of the videos before Father’s Day. You could just watch the first few introductory ones, and then go through the course with your spouse.

I don’t think you will have to worry about Denis’ and Emmas’ videos wrecking the mood at all. There is this soft music that plays in the background of all of the vids. Besides that, Dennis has a really soothing voice and low energy.

This video is what you can expect out of Dennis in the course.

He Gives Plenty of Sexy Suggestions

Probably the thing I love about these instructional videos is that Denis gives you plenty of sexy suggestions of how to make this awesome for your spouse. Everything he says and does is completely, 100% clean and G-rated, but you basically get the drift of how each thing you can do can lead into something sexual. He’s like, hold them like this- stroke them like that- and then- you know…something something can happen after. 

This is actually why I think that doing this for Austin for Father’s Day is perfect. Since I have been focusing on the experience based gifts for the last few years, these videos go right in line with it.

Special Father’s Day Printables

I Melt For You

Dennis put together some cute Father’s Day printables to help you out with this gift. I really loved his idea of printing out these little notes and leaving them around the house for your husband to find. There is nothing revealing on the cards at all, which means, if the kids find them, you won’t feel embarrassed.

I'm all you kneed

So, all you would need to do, is to print out the cards, cut them up, and then hide them throughout the house for your husband to see. This will let him know that something fun is in store for after the kids go to bed.

You can read more about their Father’s Day gift idea on their website and print off the cute printables.

How to Make a Father’s Day He’ll Remember

If you want to purchase these videos, feel free to go to the link below.

Melt Massage Course


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