Finding Peace In The Storm and Rebuilding After Destruction

I love storms- the rush of rolling thunder, sparks of lightning, trees dancing in the wind, rain crashing on every surface. There’s beauty in storms- and often destruction. I grew up on the coast, and we went through hurricanes every year. I’ve seen destruction….I’ve seen rainbows… I’ve seen areas rebuilt. I’ve seen hope lost and hope restored. 

Finding Comfort in the Storms

I find it comforting that the song Word of God Speak is playing on the radio. The chorus goes like this:

Word of God speak

Would you pour down like rain

Washing my eyes to see

Your majesty

To be still and know

That you’re in this place

Please let me stay and rest

In your holiness

Word of God speak… 

And sitting in this garage- watching the storm, I let God speak to me- and he presses this into my heart.

Yes, there’s sometimes destruction in the storms. But there’s no doubt that when the wind is raging, the thunder is cracking, the lightning is tearing through the sky…you are paying attention. You’re watching and waiting to see what will happen. 

The Storms of Life

The same thing happens in our storms of life. Sometimes, there’s great destruction. We anxiously watch what’s going on, trying to predict what the damage will be. We never really know until the storm passes. Without a doubt, when the skies clear, the sun always comes back out. It always does. Then rebuilding occurs, always. If we let Him, God brings healing in ways we didn’t think were even possible. He gives us hope and a future. Even if we doubt it while keeping vigil during the storm, when the clouds break, and we feel the sun, hope returns. Never doubt the promises of God.

Without the storms, we wouldn’t experience brokenness. Without brokenness, how could we ever be rebuilt? How many times have you ever rebuilt something to be worse off than it was before it was destroyed? Instead, we take the opportunity to make improvements. So it is with God and it will always be.

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