First Week of Advent

Tomorrow is the first week of the Advent season. Now is the time to think about the coming of the Christ child. During your Christmas preparations, do not forget what the season is about.

What is Advent

Four Sundays before Christmas, you focus on different aspects of the season. You can go HERE for a look at the history of this tradition.

To signify the reflection of each of these weeks, a candle of the Advent wreath is lit each week. A wreath has 3 purple candles, one pink, and one white.

Here is what you can expect from the first week.

Week 1- Advent Prophecy Candle is LitIf you attend a church tomorrow that celebrates Advent, the first candle on the wreath will be lit. The first purple candle represents prophecy of the Christ child’s birth.

Isaiah 9:1-7


This is one of the many times we see in scripture that Christ’s coming was foretold. In verse 6, it says that a child will be born and the government will be on his shoulders. He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God. He will also be called Prince of Peace and Eternal Father.

Verse 7 goes on to tell us that he will have power that is incredible. He will reign as King forever and ever without end. The people did not know who He would be or when He would come. They had faith that God would fulfill this prophecy.

Luke 1:30-33

The time has come for the prophecy to be shared again. This time it is much more imminent. In this passage, we see the Angel talking with Mary. She was to become the mother of the promised child. The child that we read about in Isaiah.

The Angel tells her that He will reign over the house of Jacob forever; His kingdom will have no end. The Angel tells her that Christ will be called the Son of the Most High.

Time to Get Excited About the Coming of Christ


Each week of Advent builds up to the fulfillment of the prophecy we read about in Isaiah and Luke. As every day passes, you can feel the excitement of the coming of Christ.

Take this week to think about how much of an impact the fulfillment of these prophecies had on humankind. You can read the Isaiah and Luke passages.

Be sure to spend to prepare yourself this week for the second week of Advent. Next week the Peace candle will be lit.

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Advent Resources

Advent Resources

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