For All The Moms Who Never Got To Hold Their Baby

Mother’s Day always brings mixed emotions in me. I love that we get to celebrate moms and everything they do. But there are a lot of moms and would be moms that experience a lot of pain on this day. They either tried to have babies and couldn’t, or they lost the ones they had before they could hold them.

I know you are out there…sitting in the church service and remaining in your seat while all the moms around you stand up. I know how badly you want to stand with them. But, you know if you do, it will raise more questions than you want to answer.

Or maybe you are looking at Facebook at all of the Mother’s Day wishes and you know they aren’t for you. You want to say something, but you don’t think you can.

Today, I’m thinking about you. I know it’s not much to offer. But, you are not forgotten.

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