Free Marriage and Homemaking Resources

free marriage and homemaking resources

I want to share with you a long list of marriage and homemaking resources that I’ve put together for you. Over the last few years, I’ve been able to get to know many bloggers that have some great things to say.

Some of the free offers will require you sign up for their free newsletters, but you can always unsubscribe after you get  the resources. Other resources are free to you without sign-ups.

Free Video Series For Stressed Moms

Erin over at The Humbled Homemaker is offering a free video series for stressed moms. She knows what it is like to be a stressed out momma. This one requires you sign up for the series. Go to the bottom of the post and you will see a link.

Free Online Truth or Dare Game

Jay Dee over at Sex Within Marriage put together a free online truth or dare game.  After you click the link, you can give it a few preferences and it will spit out truth and dare questions for you.

Free 7 Day Online Challenge To Say Goodbye To Survival Mode

Crystal over at Money Saving Mom wrote a book called, Say Goodbye to Survival Mode. As part of that book launch, she created a free 7 day online challenge to say goodbye to survival mode. Just sign up for her newsletter and you’ll be sent the information for the challenge.

Free Tame The Laundry Monster

Stacy over at Humorous Homemaking put together a free resource to help you tame your laundry monster. Just sign up for her newsletter and you’ll get access to it.

Free Printable Date Nights

The Dating Divas offers all sorts of freebies for date nights. Here are a few you might want to check out:

Those are just a few of their free date nights. They are an incredible resource.

Free Freezer Cooking Meal Ideas With Printable

Kelly from New Leaf Wellness put together 23 freezer cooking meals with printables. Here is where you can get the printables. She will show you how to put the meals together.

Free 30 Days of Prayer Prompts

Lori at The Generous Wife has put together some free printables for you. She has 30 days of prayer prompts as well as questions you can ask your spouse.

Free printable conversation starters

Also, you can always sign up for my freebies through my newsletter page. I have free conversations starters and I have bedroom games for you and your spouse to play.

If you have free resources that you want to share with us, just leave it in the comments section!

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