Free Webinar For Tips on Physical Intimacy and More Difficult Positions

Austin and I are hosting a free webinar with Brent from Christian Friendly Sex Positions and Married Dance. We will be talking about tips on how to make intimacy feel better. Also, we’re going over things you can do to get into more difficult positions with your spouse.

Live Webinar Sex Questions

Here’s a list of questions that we are going to answer during the webinar.

1. what keeps a couple from trying new sex positions?
2. how can one partner approach their spouse to try a new position?
3. Are there any tips you can give us to make sex hotter?
4. What are your tips for a couple that is going to try a more advanced position?
5. What are a few advanced positions you suggest?
6. Do you have any aids that would help couples with these positions in your store?

You can sign up for the free webinar through the image below-

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