Ways to Keep Sex Fun When You’re Trying to Get Pregnant

Are you trying to get pregnant? Sex can become a real chore when you are doing it for procreative purposes. The problem is, when you get to a place where you are having sex as a chore, it can actually take away from the experience of having a baby. 

The couple on Buzzfeed that puts out the videos “Weird Things Couples Do” had a very accurate depiction of a couple trying to get pregnant. They start their videos by jumping each other, all of the time. Each time she comes out with a negative test result, their excitement to have sex goes down. 

fun sex while trying to get pregnant

To keep from getting to that point, here are some ideas of what you can do to keep sex fun when trying to get pregnant. 

Take a Few Nights Off

I know you are trying to hit every single night that you are fertile but take a few nights off from having sex if you have reached a point of burnout. This will help you feel the desire to be with one another after a few days. It will be ok if you do not have sex every night or every day that you think you are fertile. 

Set up a Sexy Night During Your Fertile Week

You are likely tracking your cycle, so you know your most fertile week. Consider setting up a sexy date night for at least one of the nights. Take some time and put effort into planning the night. One of the tips I recommend to people is bringing a mirror into the bedroom. I know, it sounds crazy, but there are some provocative reasons a mirror can help increase the bedroom magic.

Don’t just go straight into having sex. Determine you are going to create sexual memories with your lover. Sex is going to get much more complicated once you are pregnant and have the baby. 

Set up a romantic atmosphere and play a bedroom game. One of my favorites is Kiss Me, I’m Irish. It’s designed to get you into foreplay and the action slowly and romantically. And If you aren’t into bedroom games, spend a lot of time in foreplay so that you both can really enjoy the night. Making this a memorable evening will help you to look back at these months with joy. 

One Month On One Month Off

If you have been trying to get pregnant for several months, start alternating the months you are actively trying. Plenty of women get pregnant the moment they quit trying. I am not sure if it is pure coincidence or if it has something to do with keeping the stress down. 

Spend one month really trying to hit it during your fertile weeks. The following month, only have sex when you feel the passion for doing so. Resume your regular sexual activities and frequencies. Please don’t force it. 

Having a baby is a unique and exciting experience. Before you have your child, do everything you can to build a close relationship with your spouse. The way you handle those years before children will directly impact your relationship afterward. It would be best if you had a solid foundation to build from with your spouse after your kids arrive. 

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