Funny Couples Costume- Starbucks Drink and Barista

starbucks couples costume coffee and barista

One of my favorite things to do is to dress up in costumes. Of course, I don’t get to do that very often. There is Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-a, where the family and I dress like cows. Then, there is Halloween…where Austin and I try to dress in couples costumes. 

Last year for Halloween, I had to dress up for an event that Austin didn’t need to dress up for. We had just seen Maleficent and I loved it. It was only right for me to dress like her. The only thing I could come up with for a couples costume with that idea was for Austin to dress like a blackbird, but he wasn’t interested.

Starbucks Couples Costume Idea

Instead, we dressed up like…get ready for this…a cup of coffee and a barista. I know right! What were we thinking? I don’t know, but my 6 foot tall husband had an enormous straw sticking out of his shirt and it was hysterical.

It was fun to put together a Starbucks couples costume. It was a hoot figuring out how to turn Austin into a drink. Dressing me up as a barista was pretty simple.

How to Dress Like a Starbucks Barista


My costume was very simple and went together pretty quickly. I happened to have a black apron and a piece of green material that I could sew onto the apron to make it look like a pocket. Starbucks employees wear all green aprons, but I had to improvise.

After a few google searches, I saw what the current Starbucks uniform was. All the baristas were in black button up shirts and khaki pants.

I took a black hat from one of my kids and printed out a logo to go on the hat. I also printed out a Starbucks logo for my apron.

This was one of the simplest costumes I’ve ever put together for myself.

How to Dress Like a Starbucks Coffee


Austin’s costume was much more involved than mine…obviously. He took a very thick pvc pipe and spray painted it green. It looked just like one of the straws at Starbucks.

Fortunately, he owned a tan colored toboggan (not the kind you sled on, but the one you put on your head 🙂 ) He had a pair of khaki pants and a khaki colored shirt.

I found a piece of quilt batting that had a wavy design in it. I colored on it with a black marker to make it look like chocolate drizzle. Then I hand sewed the material to his shirt. I could have easily used safety pins for that.

We printed off a Starbucks logo to put on his shirt about midway. We wanted to put the check boxes on him somewhere, but we ran out of time to create that.

Funny Couples Costume

All in all, this costume didn’t take much to put together and turned out to be so much fun. Austin has this running gag that his costume never makes sense until I show up.

When we dressed like Bert and Mary Poppins, everyone thought he was a newsie until I got there. Then when I arrived, everyone knew who we were.

He got some pretty strange looks with his Starbucks drink costume until I arrived. As soon as I showed up, people understood why he was dressed that way.

Of course, when you dress in a Starbucks costume, like a giant drink, you have to let your son pretend to sip on your straw.


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