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Do you ever have those times where you crave more exciting physical intimacy. There are different flavors of love making. Sometimes you want a more comfortable type, others you are silly, and then there’s hot. That is the kind of physical intimacy that gets your heart really pounding.

Here are some things you can do to get even hotter while being intimate.

Multiple Positions

Have sex in several different positions during your encounter. This doesn’t mean you have to try new positions that you haven’t done before. Just choose 3 of your favorite positions and do all three during your love making session.

Since women can really struggle to reach physical bliss, make sure the wife is able to get there at some point during the switching around of positions. It can actually make the different angles feel better to her if she has already gotten there.

If you are in the mood to try some new positions, you can check out Christian Friendly Sex Positions. They add to their library every week.


Introduce Food Into The Mix

How does licking or eating something delicious off of your spouse’s body sound? Many people turn their minds to whipped cream and chocolate syrup, but there are other foods that you can try also.


Here are a few thoughts:

  • Dip your finger in a drink and let your spouse taste it
  • Hold the beefstick or cheese in your mouth and feed it to them
  • Put some of the trial mix on their stomach and dine from there
  • Feed them chips and dip any way you’d like

These are just a few ways you can use food to enjoy sex more.

Strike a Pose

Take turns getting into sexy positions. Instruct your spouse on how to stand, sit, bend, etc. This serves as a turn on to both of you.

To make this hotter, you can get in front of a mirror while striking the poses. Then you can see yourself in the sexual positions that are turning your spouse on.

Another idea would be to use your camera and snap a picture. You can use an app, like the Couples app, to store the pictures under password. Otherwise, you can snap it, both take a minute to look at it, then delete it.


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  1. Taking some time to prepare (shower, do hair, makeup, put something sexy on) is another big help. It gives the woman time to move out of mommy mode into sexy mode and prepares her mind for intimacy, as well as give the husband a wonderful sight to help him get more excited as well.

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