Get Our Conversation Starter Book Before Christmas!


We did it! We finally did it! We released our first print version book. A few months ago, Austin and I set out to put together a conversation starter book that would help married couples have deeper chats with one another…and we did it!

We've relied on conversation starters for years. When we ask each other the right questions we have deep and meaningful conversations.

Creative Conversation Starters For Couples

Over the last few months, we have been furiously working to write and design Creative Conversation Starters For Couples. We hit many points of frustration with the formatting. Right when we were about to give up and say there was no one it would be ready in time for Christmas, it was accepted. You can go get it right now and have it before Christmas! We’re so happy about that.

How We Had More Meaningful Dates

It is so exciting to us to be able to offer this book to you. For many years, we have relied on conversation starters to help us have successful date nights.

I don’t know about you, but we spent way too many dates stressing out about our responsibilities or winding up in fights. Rather than being able to take a break from our life and retreat into one another, we would hash out the weight of the world we were carrying.

Once Austin and I made the commitment to not talk about responsibilities on our dates, we noticed something amazing- we were connecting on a much deeper level. To help us out, we got a conversation starter book and kept it in our van. This way, we always had it with us.

We Always Have Conversation Starters With Us

Of course, with technology, you can always have your books with you. Our conversation starter book is available in print and ebook version. If you purchase the print version, you will automatically receive the ebook version. It makes it really easy to always have the prompts with you.

One thing that we did in our book was to put together focused questions for each chapter. What I find in most conversation starter books is that the questions are all random. We wanted to help couples have a full conversation about a subject, which is why we wrote a short intro to get you thinking about the topic. Then we wrote 10-12 questions that will help guide your talks.

I hope you will take time to check it out. If you do purchase it, I would love for you to leave a review for us, so that we can make future books even better.



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