Get Your Marriage On

We sat down with the creator of this awesome new app called Get Your Marriage on. We were blown away by the new app!

As he explained to us how to use the app and all that’s in it, we got super, super excited! First of all, you need to know the creator of this app developed the Ultimate Intimacy app, which we love. 

On to his latest creation, Get Your Marriage on! This app has so many cool features. First of all, it lets you customize marriage resources to fit the season of life you are in. Think of it as a place that gives you access to experts in every area of marriage. Not only that, there is a community component which allows you to ask questions and get answers not only from your peers, but from licensed counselors. It is like our private Facebook group, but with so many more people. 

Here’s a few questions the community has asked: 

How can I become best friends with my husband again? 
What’s everyone’s experience with marriage counseling? 
We don’t agree on how to spend a large sum of money we inherited? What do we do?

The other great thing about the app is it allows you and your spouse to sync your apps and you have the ability to create notes in the app for each other. You can create a vision board, create agendas for marriage meetings and more. 

There are many videos that you can watch relating to marriage topics. Pick the ones that are best for you. 

…And of course, there’s a bedroom game! How about a hot round of battlestrip?

Hopefully you enjoy it! 


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