I’ve received question after question from my readers asking how they can feel sexy again. This is definitely an issue for both men and women. Here are some things you can do to feel great about yourself again.

Eliminate Porn, Sexy Pictures, and Sex Scenes

The worst thing for your body image is to look at porn, sexy images, or sex scenes. Besides your body image, this plain isn’t good for your marriage. With the amount of camera angles and editing, it is almost impossible to ever look like those images.

Stand In Front Of the Mirror Naked

Re-train your brain to see yourself as sexy. The more you see yourself without clothes on or in sexual scenarios with your spouse, you will start to believe it. This will only be beneficial to you if you have cut the other influences out of your life. Otherwise, you’ll just confirm how unsexy you feel.

Start by looking at yourself naked for a few minutes a day. Really pay attention to the way your body looks. Focus your eyes on every inch of your body, rather than avoid areas.

Tell Yourself You Look Sexy

Sexiness starts in the mind. Tell yourself again and again that you are sexy. When you are looking at yourself in the mirror, say it. Say it when you are having sex. Say it when you don’t feel it. Just keep telling yourself that you look sexy. Eventually, you will start to believe it.


Wear Something You Feel Sexy In

Stop believing that there is only one type of sexy out there. Lingerie not working for you? Try alternatives to it. You can read more about some lingerie alternatives in the post I wrote.

Whatever you find to wear, put on something you feel great in. This goes for both men and women. Guys, go here to read a few ideas of what you can wear in the bedroom.

Try New Things In The Bedroom

Get out of routine love making and mix things up. Do things that will get you moving around and excited. Spend more time on foreplay and soak up the way it makes you feel.

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Consider playing a bedroom game, or try a new sex position to get in the mood. When you are doing sexy things, it can help you feel that way.

What would you suggest? Let me know in the comments section.

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