Getting Schooled on Marriage

Recently, I had a friend come to visit me from my hometown. He had just gotten engaged and was bringing his fiance’ to meet us. I was so excited to meet her and wanted to give them a congratulations gift on their engagement. Creating gift baskets is something I’m naturally good at.

There are many different fun candy saying all over Pinterest, and I jumped on this band wagon a while back to write cute sayings to go along with the items in my baskets. This was a perfect timed gift to say the least, since it is back to school time.

My kids were days away from starting school, so it was fresh on my mind. I decided to create a basket for them with a school theme. On the front of the basket, I wrote, “You’re Gettin’ Schooled on Marriage”. This gift was so fun to put together and they absolutely loved it.

Items You Need


While I was out with the family doing our back to school shopping, I saw a lot of great items to pick up for this basket. I was at the Dollar Tree, so all of the items were very inexpensive. Here are the things I chose to make my basket with their sayings:

-Glue sticks: Love is the glue that holds your marriage together

-Highlighters: Make the highlight of your marriage serving one another

-Laffy Taffy: Make each other laffy taffy every day

-Kisses: Daily kisses keep the heart happy

-3 Musketeers: 2 Lovers+God= 3 Musketeers

-Milky Way: Take time together every day and your love will be out of this world

-Pocket folder: Do your homework (inside of this folder, I included a few sheets of questions they can ask each other. To print that list go here: datingquestions)


On each of the items, I printed out these sayings and glued them to pieces of construction paper that I cut out. If you want to print out these candy sayings, go here: gettingschooledonmarriage. They could easily be printed onto decorative card stock. I have done that in the past with other candy grams, but this time, I just cut out the pieces of paper and attached them to colored construction paper.

Putting the Basket Together


gift idea

For this homemade gift basket, I used a wooden crate and glue for wood to decorate the outside. Often times, over the summer, I find apples being sold in these simple wooden baskets. I save these for such an occasion as this. Since I have been a homeschool mom for a long time, I have a wealth of bulletin board items with a school theme. You can use anything you have on hand, it doesn’t have to be special.

The first thing I did for this DIY gift idea was to hot glue pieces of notebook paper to the wood. These small wooden crates are not very decorative, but they are easy to decorate. After covering the outside with the notebook paper, I added a few gold stars that I had written on. Some of them said things like, “Good Job”, “Way to Go” and things like that. Then I hot glued a piece of bulletin board border on the sides.

Once I was done decorating the outside of the crate, I placed a few pieces of tissue paper inside of it. Then I put each of the items inside, being sure that the messages were easy to read.


This turned out to be a wonderful DIY gift basket for their engagement. I think that my friends really enjoyed this surprise. It was my way of imparting some marital advice on a couple that is just starting out. If you are looking for a unique gift basket, this would be the way to go.





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