Getting Over The Winter Blues

I’ve invited Lesley Vaughn on today to share about her struggles with depression during the winter. She has some advice on how she deals with this time of year. There are some people that experience seasonal depressive disorder and other forms of anxiety during the winter months. This is due to the lack of light.

Here’s what she has to say.

Getting Over the Winter Blues

When Fall arrives, it can be a bit of a depressing time. The realization sets in that not only is summer over, but winter is on its way!

This feeling of slight despair can seep into all different areas of our lives. We might start to dread commuting to work in the rain. We might sweep through our diaries from October through to February and cancel all social engagements and stay at home.

However, one area of your life that you can control how you feel about is your home. It is totally possible to conquer the fall and winter blues in your house. Here’s how!

Mimic a Carefree Environment

What does this kind of thing consist of? Well, flowers and music, for two quick examples! Even if nothing pretty is now growing in your garden, the local store will have beautiful flowers in stock.

Pop a bunch of fresh flowers in every room.


Not only are you adding real life to your home, but plants and flowers in the home are proven to improve air quality. Plus, it’s a fast and easy way of adding a wonderful pop of color. Even if the windows are wet, and the sky is gray outside. Also, stick on the radio or a set of speakers.

Take a look at your light bulbs.

If they are a really low wattage, they may not be lighting the room they’re in properly. As a result, your living room might be feeling dull and dreary when a new light bulb could make all the difference. You can still get energy efficient ones that are nice and bright, so don’t worry about that either.

Consider Getting a SAD Light

Whether you are or are not affected by SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), it could be a wise investment. Getting yourself some much-needed sun rays and Vitamin D before you leave the house in the morning will perk you right up! Taking Vitamin A is another great source for health. 

Look at Your Home Decor


Pastel colors may have looked demure and lovely in the brighter months. But now, they might be making your home looked sad and washed out! Pack them away and go for richer, deeper colors. Think deep reds, forest greens, and smokey oranges. Have this color scheme spreading right across the house, so there are hints of it in every room.

In your hallway, for example, you could hang a beautiful wreath on the door, and lay a patterned burgundy rug! Check out companies like the worcester wreath company for your wreath company. Look inside charity and vintage shops for your rug.

Stay Warm

Something else you may need to tackle in your home as the days and nights get cooler is your levels of warmth. You can fill your home with the happiest music, brightest flowers and best color schemes. But if there are icicles forming on the inside of your windows, it will be no good. A heavy set of curtains can do a great job of blocking the cold out.

If your budget can stretch, consider making the upgrade to double or even triple glazing. This is a long-term solution that will keep you and your family toasty for falls and winters to come!

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