Gifts That Won’t Be Exchanged For Something Else

With Christmas coming up, gifts are on our minds. Probably the thing that causes the most stress about gift giving is knowing whether or not the person will like it. I invited Barbara Lenard to share with us a few tips to keep in mind while shopping this coming year.


Here’s what she has to say-

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? We’ve had celebration where we have received gifts that we didn’t care for. Then it was off to the store to exchange it for something else. If you don’t want the gifts you buy to end up the same way, then try some of these ideas:

Age Appropriate

The first thing you need to do when buying a gift that the recipient will love is thinking about the age of that person. Of course, that is pretty obvious. The real mistakes people make often come when the almost get the age right, but miss it by a few years. This is usually the case when you are buying gifts for kids.

It is easy to go too old for a child. For example, buying a construction kit that is just that bit too complicated. Another faux pas is purchasing a gift that a child would consider to be too young for them. Kids can feel frustrated if they receive something that they deem to old or young for them. If you aren’t sure what age range to stick with, be sure to ask their parents.

Gifts For Everyone

Christmas gifts for everyone

There are gifts that are specially designed for men or women, boys or girls. But there are also gender neutral gifts too.

A great gender neutral gift for an adult is some nice food items like a hamper or selection box, or even some wine or liqueur if they drink.

Often times, there are separate boys’ and girls’ toy aisles in the store. However, this has recently caused something of a controversy. Some kids have pointed out that toys are toys and it shouldn’t matter whether you are a boy or a girl to play with them.

Interest Appropriate

The last factor you need to consider when buying a great gift is the individual person’s interests. If you can find something related to what they are into you have a much better chance of the gift being well received.

For example, if you are buying for a techie that is into their iPad, go to a site like iThingum to research the best accessories you can get to go with them.  

Or, if you are buying for someone that is into home baking, why not do some research on the best kitchen gadget on the market at the moment? In this way, you are tailoring the gift to what the person likes. So you can be a lot more sure that they will see it as a thoughtful gift and not send it straight back to the store.


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