Most men crave blowjobs because it is a very intimate way to receive intimacy from their spouse. But, a lot of women struggle to give a bj for a few reasons. For one thing, they are concerned about the sanitary aspect of putting their mouth on their husband’s penis. I’ve written a lot about getting over the gross factor of oral sex, and this one is my favorite. But in this post, I want to give you a few tips on giving your husband an amazing blow job. 

Let Him Teach You

You can read 100 different articles about giving good head, but your best bet is to listen to your lover. Ask them to teach you what feels good to them. There is no way you will automatically know what they need or like without them sharing it with you. I wrote some tips around this time last year, and even then, the very first tip was about communicating with each other.

Don’t be afraid to ask your man to gently tell you what he likes and what he needs more of. If he enjoys a specific motion you are using, ask him to make a noise that lets you know you’re doing it right. 

Hold Onto His Shaft

There is only so far you can go down on him. For that reason, hold his shaft firmly with your hand, based on how far you intend to go down. Also, you can use your hands to rub or hold his balls. 

Grab Other Parts of His Body

While you are doing this for your lover, rub your other hand over parts of his body. You can pleasure his nipples, grab his butt, or stroke your hand over his chest. He will really enjoy this full-body experience. 

Also, you can rest your body on one of his legs to apply pressure on him. Allow your chest to rest on him wherever you can. 

Change the Angle to Enhance the Experience

After he really gets into it, pull him down towards you while you suck on him. Bend him down slowly and watch his reactions. You will need to be careful not to overextend him while you are going down on him, or it could hurt him later. 

Changing this angle of his member will give him a different feeling. Once he starts cumming, you will need to pull him back up. 

Look in His Eyes

I know it can be hard to look up while in this position, but do what you can to look up at him for at least a minute. If you can’t keep looking up the entire time, make a point to catch his stare a few times. This is a great way to build more intimacy through this activity. 

He will enjoy watching you please him. This is a visually exciting thing to do with your man and make him feel loved and cared for. 

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  1. I would also add that the wife should be naked also, or at least naked on the top half so the husband has a nice view. (Unless it’s a quickie) in which case he can just drop his pants or unzip them.

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