How to Stop Feeling Grossed Out When Giving Your Husband Oral Sex

After I wrote about how to stop feeling grossed out on receiving oral sex, I received more questions about giving. One reader wanted to know how to stop feeling grossed out by giving their husband oral sex. This is such a tough topic, but one we really need to work through.   If your spouse really enjoys foreplay moves or sex positions, it would be honoring for you to figure out how to make it happen. So, if you are struggling with this, but want to give oral sex a try, then try these ideas.  

1. Work through your mindset.

I personally do not see anywhere in the scriptures that talks about oral sex being wrong. If anything, many well studied Bible scholars believe that oral sex is referenced in Song of Solomon.   I certainly think that saying that dogs lick themselves and that we shouldn’t for that reason. That sounds like a personal preference, not a mandate.  

2. Use flavored lube.

If the taste is bothering you, then I suggest you use a flavored lube. There’s plenty of flavors that you can work with. If you don’t want to use lube, you can use a natural products like chocolate syrup, coconut oil, whipped cream, or something else. Believe me, this will really go a long way in helping you deal with the taste.

3. Start small.

You don’t have to bring your spouse to orgasm every time you give him oral sex. You can give him a little bit before you have sex. Actually, wetting him down with your mouth will make it easier to have sex, because you are adding to the lubrication. The more you do it, the easier it will become.  

4. Work up to letting him orgasm in your mouth.

If cum is a real problem for you, then bring him to the point of orgasm and then finish him off another way. Right before he is ready, you can stop giving him oral and use your hands or something else.

5. Be open with your communication.

Let him know that this is something you want to do for him, but you are struggling. He needs to know that when you give him oral sex, that you are putting yourself out there for him. That will help him be much more understanding and appreciate your efforts more.  

  Also, let him know what cleaning routine you need from him. It may help you if he were to spray your favorite cologne or fragrance on his legs. He doesn’t need to spray it directly on himself, because then you’ll end up eating that.

6. Give it time.

I think that a lot of people think that if they don’t like something right away in the bedroom, then they should stop. It can take years for you to start to enjoy certain types of foreplay and sex positions. It is important to keep trying. Give yourself patience and grace. Push yourself a little at a time.

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