Grain-Free Dairy-Free Fried Chicken Nugget Recipe

I’m always looking for great new recipes that stick within my diet. One thing I’ve missed the most since I stopped eating gluten and dairy is fried chicken. I found a grain-free, dairy-free fried chicken recipe that is actually amazing. 


4 lbs of chicken (cut into nugget-sized pieces)

2 bags of pork rinds (plain or bbq flavored)

2 tablespoons Weber Gourmet Burger Seasoning (this is by far one of my favorite seasonings that I put on everything)

1 egg

2 tablespoons water

1 teaspoon salt

2 teaspoons pepper

How to Make Grain-Free Dairy-Free Fried Chicken Nuggets

This is how I bread the chicken:

1. Make the egg wash 

Combine 1 egg and 2 tablespoons of water in a bowl and mix until blended. Set aside. 

2. Make the breading 

Grind up the pork rinds using a food processor or place in a plastic ziplock bag and crush. The finer you can grind up the rinds, the better it will stick to the chicken. Add Weber Gourmet Burger Seasoning (use a bbq flavored seasoning if you don’t have this), salt, and pepper. 

3. Bread the nuggets

Toss the nuggets in the egg wash and then dredge through the breading. 

4. Grill the nuggets

I grill the nuggets on a Foreman grill, but any non-stick pan would work. You can cook on the stove, grill, or in the oven. I don’t recommend you cook these in an air-fryer, because it creates too much smoke. 

Cooking times will vary based on the method you use. I generally cook them about 8-10 minutes on one side and then flip to finish cooking on the other. 

Grain-Free Dairy-Free Fried Pork Tenderloin Recipe

I’ve used this same method to make fried pork tenderloin. It’s amazing! Just cut the tenderloin into medallion-shaped pieces. Use the same egg wash and breading as the fried chicken nuggets. Cook on a grill, stove-top, or in the oven. 

Italian Fried Chicken Recipe

If you want Italian flavored fried chicken for chicken parmesan or other Italian styled meal, here’s what you need: 

Combine egg and water to create the egg wash. Combine pork rinds, seasoning garlic, and salt to create the breading. Place the chicken in the egg wash and coat both sides. Dredge it through the breading. Bake in the oven, cook on a grill, or in a non-stick pan. 

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