What Happened When I Searched For Ways to Spice Up Your Love Life

Have you ever searched for ways to spice up your love life? I have. Many, many times. When I first started Love Hope Adventure, I didn’t really have much of a focus other than relationships. I knew I wanted to focus heavily on marriage, but not much else.

It became pretty evident to me that there was a big gap in the marriage blogosphere for Christians to get the sex tips they wanted. I knew that God was leading me to really provide good resources for greater intimacy.

I started searching for ways to spice it up.

And of course I knew there’d be a lot of garbage that would come up in the searches. But, I have been navigating internet research for many years, and I felt I would be able to avoid the bad stuff. I avoided a lot, but not everything- and honestly, it was affecting me negatively.

I’ve never struggled with porn. I hate erotic novels. I hate novels. And while I didn’t get on any porn sites, and for the most part, erotic literature sites (expect that one Christian website where the couple wrote in way too much detail about their sex experiences), I was still negatively affected by what I was seeing.

I felt so much darkness and dirtiness.

There was this one day I was sitting on the loveseat in my living room at our house in North Carolina, that I just started crying out to God. I knew He wanted me to take Love Hope Adventure in this direction. But, I encountered so much filth, that wasn’t porn or erotica- but it certainly wasn’t good.

I felt so much darkness and dirtiness from some of the things I was seeing. In that moment, I asked God to keep my heart safe, help me find the right resources and create what was missing. I needed Him to protect me from getting sucked in to all the crap. And He did.

The Love Hope Adventure Community was born.

Austin and I are committed to lifelong sexual purity. That was a real struggle for me when I was doing the research needed to find God honoring ways to spice up your love life.

That’s why Austin and I have opened a private community on Facebook for our Love Hope Adventure followers. We want others to have a safe place they can learn about sex, intimacy, and other marriage topics.

Here’s a special invite to get into our private community.

Right now, it’s just a small number of us that is in the group. But, I’m about to open it up through a special invite for those that have joined the Love Hope Adventure Community newsletter.

If you want to get on this list, sign up today, because I’m going to send out the invite very soon.

Click the link below to signup.

Eventually, this will be a paid community of $7 a month. This way, I can keep the trolls out and the group safer. For the time being, since we are doing private invites, we will keep the group free. But once I get things set up, I’ll be opening it up to the public to join.

The group will always be private.

The group will always stay a private group, so that no one can see what you are posting. You can like things on the page and it won’t show up in your personal Facebook feed.

This has been a huge problem for me, because I feel like I can’t engage on sex topics that my marriage blogger friends are talking about. I have a lot of kids and unmarried friends, and I don’t want them being tempted by those articles. While everything is clean and God honoring, the articles are meant for married couples.

Our goal with the group is that we will be able to actually engage with you guys more without it being on your public feed. Also, I talk about a lot of things that just isn’t appropriate on my public Love Hope Adventure Facebook page.

I look forward to seeing you inside the group!

We’re already having a lot of great discussions with the small number that is in there. I can’t wait to share even more and answer your questions honestly and openly.

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