Have a Great Anniversary Celebration With These Ideas

I’ve invited Melanie Rodder on to share with us a few party ideas to make your anniversary great. Austin and I are huge proponents of celebrating your anniversary. Even if you do something small, it is important to celebrate.

Here’s what she has to say-

Have a Great Anniversary Celebration WIth These Ideas

When you’ve been in love with someone for a long time, it’s important to celebrate your relationship. As the years go by, your relationship blooms and becomes more and more committed. You might marry and then go on to celebrate many anniversaries. Of course, when you reach a milestone anniversary it can be the perfect opportunity.

Invite Family and Friends to Join

You can make the occasion into a huge event to share with your family and friends. Why not try some fun party ideas to make it a night that’s almost as memorable as your wedding?

Recording your big party is now easier than ever thanks to social media. But it can be really nice to have printed photographs of everyone who came to share your special evening.

Companies like Melbourne Memories Photo Booths can provide all the equipment you need to create some really fun group photos of your guests having a great time with you at the party. You could also leave a message book out for people to stick the photos in and write you a message.

At Home Date Night

at home date night

A big part of any celebratory event is the toast. Even if you’re just having an intimate date together, this can be important. You might have written down a few things to say.

It could be poetic or a quote from a favorite song or movie. Why not sing it? Of course, when it comes to the big anniversaries, you might even consider a renewal of vows. You might have a celebrant to guide you through this beautiful ceremony, and then invite others to say a few words about you as a happy couple.

Renew Your Vows

If you’ve been married a while, there may be children in your lives. They may not have been present for your wedding or the time you got together. But if you have kids around now, why not make them a big part of this celebration event?

They might help you with the decorations, or even bake some cakes. Perhaps they can play a part in your renewal of vows, or offer up a reading of their own about your love for each other? Getting your kids involved can be a beautiful way to celebrate your relationship.

You might have some surprise ideas to wow your guests or even your partner. This can take quite a lot of planning and organisation to pull it off. If you aren’t using an event planner, confide in a couple of friends and see if they can help you.

It might be a big showpiece, unveiling or even a dance. Perhaps you have a presentation in mind, or you want to make a big announcement?

Some people like to celebrate a big anniversary by reenacting their wedding day. Or maybe you had to cut back on the wedding expenses, but now you can afford the big wedding you’ve always dreamed of. There may be more people in your lives now that you wish could have been there the first time.

So why not do it? Book that limousine, order the bouquet and make your anniversary the most spectacular day of your lives. Congratulations.

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