What Every Healthy Marriage Possesses

Healthy relationships take two people working together to build a strong connection. When it comes to the marriage relationship, extra time and energy is required. Building a relationship that will last takes a strong foundation. 

healthy and happy marriages

If you ever wonder if your relationship is healthy, ask yourself if you see these things between you and your husband or wife. 

The Ability To Turn A Blind Eye

I’m not suggesting that you can’t feel frustrated or address problems in your relationship. What I am talking about is turning a blind eye to annoying habits your partner has. If you are not able to put up with the small things they do, you will not be able to handle it when things get tough.

Nagging your spouse will cause them to develop an attitude of resentment toward you. A healthy couple would be able to deal with the idiosyncrasies of one another without too much drama. 

Love Without a Price Tag

Most couples would say that they love one another, and they probably do. I find that it is much easier to love someone who is nice to you or deserves it. 

There are going to be times in a relationship where you will need to love the person, even in the times that they are unlovable. Healthy couples can show love to their partner during difficult times. When people ask me for tips for a healthy relationship, some of the tips I try to give every couple is to just be there for each other, take time to be alone together, and just talk to each other can make a world of difference. 

If you are infatuated with someone, your affection comes with a price tag. When the other person shows you love, you will show love in return. However, if the other person isn’t showing you love, but you choose to show love regardless? That is a sign of a truly healthy relationship. Being able to love and support your spouse during difficult moments.

Extraordinary Communication Skills

There is much more to communicating than talking. A couple has to be able to understand what the other person is saying. It is not enough to have conversations. You have to be able to listen to and understand what your partner is saying. Especially in difficult times. My husband and I actually did a podcast about handling differences in marriage, and we focused on communication and actually understanding each other’s differences.

Some couples out there do not take the time to even speak to each other daily. Those that are genuinely happy will find ways to connect every day. 

Great communication is what helps your relationship stay strong. When problems arise, you need to be able to work through them with your partner. That will not happen if you do not know how to communicate yourself so that they understand. 

Give and Take

It is not a relationship if one person is always giving and the other person is always taking. That is a caregiver situation, not a bonding relationship. 

In healthy relationships, both parties take turns giving and take turns receiving. Neither you nor the other person will feel that they are always the one sacrificing. 

Whether you are in a romantic relationship or any other type of relationship, these characteristics are key to a happy, healthy, and long-lasting relationship. 

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